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By | February 23, 2017

bodybuilding tips for men – 5 best tips to make your body awesome with Proper GYM Exercise

My good friends joined GYM 3 months ago in order to make their self body-wise fit. Now one has good looking body with ‘V shape’ but other one has no V shape also he didn’t has any good looking biceps, triceps chest etc. So what is the Problem with other one as both joined GYM for same time gap and have same diet?

Answer is Kinda Easy! Other one did not take proper exercise o.O yes it is true. Angles and proper Reps are important in order to make a god looking body. So in this article, I will share “5 best bodybuilding tips for men“. it does not means that you must have to follow specific different exercise and make your game more difficult. The rule of thumb in Body Building is “make your body awesome with Proper GYM Exercise“.

Yes that’s all you need to do.Bellow is the best ever 10 tips for Bodybuilding to make your body awesome. :) you may interested in What Peanuts Affect on heart and diabetes patient.

10 best bodybuilding tips for men - Body Building Exercise [howpk.com]

5 best bodybuilding tips for men – Body Building Exercise [howpk.com]

Here is 5 best bodybuilding tips for men

1: Doing Excessive Warm Up

You need to warm up when you start a new set of exercise at the gym. For instance, if you are combining chest, shoulders and triceps on a single day, you may warm up with chest exercises, such as push ups, and skip lateral raises and triceps extensions. The latter are unnecessary as your shoulders get worked all along with chest exercises.

2: Use Machines in Proper Way

yes it is also a big mistake.90% of gamers who are new and have nobody to coach make such type of mistake and waste their big time, Food as well as stamina.Because Improper Exercise may lead you to negative effects.So, always use seniors guide and coaching services if there is any.

3: Play The Mental Game Too

It play a sound like funny but it is true.95% of top Gamers suggest that The best athletes in the world train not only their bodies, but their minds, for success in their sport. Why not take a page from their playbooks and do the same?

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4: Set SMART Goals

This is simple enough, just like the nifty little acronym that helps us to remember proper goal setting, SMART. Make those goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound.this is very important for a body builder.

5: Take proper Diet

Yes the most important thing is diet.Never use Supplements use natural diet.eat every thing.Never under estimate the power of vegetables.Meet has its own benefit where as beef has its own.Don’t forgot Chicken to eat at least 2 time in a week.

so this is the small guide to make your body awesome by using GYM and its instrument.i hope you like this.If you have any question regarding bodybuilding tips for men.feel free to comment us.you may interested to read Looking for best Dermatologist in Lahore – Skin Specialist.


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