what is Zakat in islam – its Nisab Importance of Zaqat in Islam

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what is Zakat in Islam – Zakat Importance and its Nisab in Islam and Zakat History in Pakistan.

Did you know What is Zakat in Islam ?What is its Importance and Nisab in Islamic views? What is its Punishment if we not give it Properly?if not! then you no need to search anymore.Here is the descriptive article on Zakat and its Importance and punishment if you did not give zakat.

so, The word Zakat means both ‘purification’ and ‘growth’ in wealth.Our possessions are purified by setting aside a proportion for those in need and like the pruning of plants, this cutting back balances and encourages new growth.Technically it means to purify one’s possession of wealth by distributing a prescribed amount which has to be given to the poor as a fundamental Ibaadat.

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. you may like to read Islamic Calendar 2014 Ramadan and Higri Calender.Below is the complete details about What is Zakat in Islam.

what is Zakat in Islam - Importance of Zakat in Islam [howpk.com]

what is Zakat in Islam – Importance of Zakat in Islam [howpk.com]

What is Zakat in Islam (Islamic Overview)

The Quran talks about the zakat in more than 30 different verses, mainly in the Medina suras.In the Islamic view, zakat is a way to redistribute the wealth, thus defining a charity-based economy with a particular interest in the poor and the dispossessed Muslims.Zakat is considered more than taxation.One must give zakat for the sake of one’s salvation: while those who give zakat can expect reward from ALLAH in the afterlife, neglecting to give zakat can result in damnation.The giving of the zakat is considered a means of purifying one’s wealth and soul.Non-Muslims are not required to pay zakat, but give a tax by a different name called Jizyah tax.

Nisab of Zakat in Islam:

Zakat is obligatory when a certain amount of money, called the nisab is reached or exceeded.Zakat is not obligatory if the amount owned is less than this nisab. The nisab (or minimum amount) of gold and golden currency is 20 mithqal, this is approximately 85 grams of pure gold. One mithqal is approximately 4.25 grams. The nisab of silver and silver currency is 200 Durhams, which is approximately 595 grams of pure silver. The nisab of other kinds of money and currency is to be scaled to that of gold, 85 grams of pure gold. This means that the nisab of money is the price of 85 grams of 999-type (pure) gold, on the day in which Zakat is paid.

Punishment if you not give Zakat:

Allah says in the Quran “And there are those who hoard gold and silver and do not spend it in the way of Allah, announce to them a most grievous penalty (when) on the Day of Judgment heat will be produced out of that wealth in the fire of Hell. Then with it they will be branded on their forehead and their flanks and backs. (It will be said to them) This is the treasure which you hoarded for yourselves, taste then the treasure that you have been hoarding”. reference (Al-Quran 9:34-35).

So i hope you understand the concept of what is Zakat in Islam and its rule and regulation and all about its punishment.So, as all we know this is the month of Ramadan and we must have to Give Zakat to deserved people.feel free to comment us.you may must read Angelina Jolie use Drugs Video Leaked – Franklin Meyer.

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