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By | June 28, 2014

Learn What is Blog? Who are Blogger? What is Blogging.Advance Guide to blogger by Top Webmasters.

Many people suggest me to Write an Advance Guide on “What is blog, Blogging, Who are Blogger, How to make Blog“. In that Purpose i write this meaningful article for you.Did you know million of people earn $xxxx per month via blogging with their blogs. When we ask them to please tell us how it can possible and how we can also little bit from Internet they did not reveal their secrets :(

.it is not very hard to earn from internet.there are many ways to earn money from but Blogging is the one of the best way to earn massive earning daily.you may like to learn How to Make Money Online – 5 Ways to Earn Fast from Internet. Below is the advance Guide for blogging.All necessary things you need to know before start your business online.

What is Blog ?

A Blog is a World Wide Web which Provide some services like news, tips, tricks, Learning Services like books, notes and all other things.These blogs are updated frequently.There are different types of blogs.Let’s go with an example.Suppose your are looking for an article on “How to make blog” Google it you will see millions of results that contains such information all these sites are blogs/website.

What is blog, Blogging, Who are Blogger - Advance Guide [howpk.com]

It does not means that all sites are blogs.There are many things which differentiate a blog with a website like CMS, Themes, Domain, Services and many other.Both have same purpose.The only difference is blogs are free to create and publish where as Website has some coast to develop and maintain.Blogs are easy to develop and maintain where as a website is hard to develop and maintain as you have to code yourself but we can also use Blogs CMS like WordPress and blogspot in a website to do jobs easy.Now a days 90% of website use such CMS.

Best CMS for Blogs:

There are may CMS (Content Management Systems) which provide the facility to make a blog free like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Webs. com and many others.These all are provide free as well as paid services.In free services there are limitation like you cant create more then 10 pages, you blogs have sub domain like myblog.blogsppot.com .

how to make a blog on blogger.com or Blogspot [howpk.com]

how to make a blog on blogger.com or Blogspot [howpk.com]

for beginner i suggest them to first use free service in order to learn their CMS and environment of work.After that you can buy your own domain as well as hosting and install these CMS into your hosting in order to make a good and user friendly website or blog.If you want to make blog Free of cost i prefer you to use Blogger it is google own product.You must have to read how to make a blog on blogger.com or Blogspot.If you want to make site on your own top level domain then i prefer you to use WordPress.Wordpress is the best CMS which is used by 90% of webmaster for both websites or blogs business purpose as well as individual purpose.

What is Blogging?

Now you Have sufficient knowledge about what is blog.Different Between a free blog or a paid blog.Now did you know what is blogging?Each and every skill you need to run and manage a Blog is called blogging. Blogging includes Skills Like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Writing, Editing and Publishing Posts, Designing and Maintaining the Design of your Website, etc.

You need to learn every skill to be a Blogger like You should be a good writer to write lot of Unique and Quality content for your website. You should be a good Search Engine Optimizer to Optimize your blog according to rules and regulations set by Search engines.That’s it What all the meaning of blogging :) .

Who are Blogger?

Now we have learn what is a blog, How to make a blog and what is blogging.Now a question arise is who are blogger? answer of this question is kinda simple.Blogger is person who is responsible to make a blog, write quality post,Do its seo and maintain its blog.In short words a blogger is a person how make  a blog and do blogging on its own ends.

This is my details article on blogs and its different phenomena.I hope you like this.If you have any Question regarding this and want some service regarding this feel free to comment us.We are here to assist you :) .you may like to read WOW Now Vehicle Run in Air instead of Road.

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