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Difference Between Web Development and Designing

Hello this is Tanvir, Today we will learn What is meant by Developing and Designing. Many of us still can’t able to define what exactly is this and to cover it. So, today we will learn what is Difference Between WEB Development and designing. Keep in mind these thoughts word same for each and every discipline like software, Mobile Apps and Web Apps etc. By reading this article you will able to choose which is best and sufficient for you (development or designing). Both are best, and if you are expert in anyone of both then you can be a millionaire :) . What i want to say you just need to have a creative or antique idea. That’s all your can be listed with top richer men like Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft), Mark Zukerburg (CEO of Facebook) etc :) . If you want o learn PHP then with Create Dynamic Website in PHP MySQL with admin Panel.