Want to Bypass facebook Photo Verification ?

By | December 1, 2015

Want to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification ? – Learn easy way of how to get rid from Image Verification in Facebook

In many cases Facebook make our ID limited. That means you must need to verify yourself as a owner of ID before logging. In Such cases Facebook use Image verification process to check weather it is a real person and ID or a fake person with fake ID. Sometimes it also become a problem for a real and authorize user to verify it.

Let’s suppose you have 100+ friends on facebook and you did not know many of them by face :) . Then what you do to get back your account? No Answer! don’t worry i am here :) Today i tell you the easiest way to bypass facebook photo verification in few steps :) . I tested this trick on my own ID and believe me it works correctly.

So, now we are going to learn how to get rid from Facebook stupid Image Verification procedure :) . By this trick you no need to buy any tool as well as personal information of your friends :P . Please don’t forget to hare it if you like it. you may also interested to read how to change your name on facebook after limit.


Want to Bypass facebook Photo Verification [howpk.com]

Want to Bypass facebook Photo Verification [howpk.com]

Guide to how to bypass Image Verification in Facebook :

Things which are required :

  1. one active facebook account.
  2. Picture verification limited facebook account (infected).
  3. Gmail associated with infected Facebook account.

Get Rid of Facebook Image Verification :

  • First login into Infected Facebook Account (account with facebook verification).
  • Now open Private Window (incognito Window), and Open active facebook account. Learn How to Open Incognito Window in Chrome, Firefox etc.
  • Keep in mind this trick will work only for those account which have options of picture names.
  • Now Login into email account associated with your infected account.
  • Copy the all five names in note pad and search those name into your email (inbox, spam, promotion, social). Because when ever an event occur you a mail is send to your email i.e on tags, friends requested, approvals etc.
  • It will search the name and grab its mail, Now open the email and copy the ID location as show in picture bellow.
    how to bypass facebook image verification [howpk.com]

    how to bypass facebook image verification [howpk.com]

  • Now from the URL get its facebook id, and look for the pictures.
  • Do same with all other 5 photos, you will find the accurate account regarding to the Picture.
  • Do this 2 times after this your account will activate and limitation will remove.

So, this is my working trick for those who want to bypass facebook image verification without knowing people by face :) . I hope you like it. No doubt it takes some time but it is best for those who really want to verified their ID again :) . feel free to ask any question if you have any in your mind. you may also like to read How to earn with TSU – A social Network which pay.

Author: Tanvir Zafar

Tanvir Zafar is a internet Entrepreneur and owner of this site and many others as well. He is student in GCUF doing BS Software Engineering. :)