Urdu Funny SMS – Send Funny Messages In Urdu and Hindi

By | August 23, 2013

Urdu Funny SMS – Send Funny Messages In Urdu and Hindi.

here the collection of “Funny SMS Messages in Hindi and English”.send messages free and easy.

Funny SMS Messages in Hindi and English

Silent lips may avoid many problems:
But smiling lips will solve many problems:

Har velay sarya na karo: :)

Funny Quotes in Urdu.

Urdu Funny SMS [howpk.com]

Urdu Funny SMS [howpk.com]

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Pathan 2 Shopkeeper: 1 Kala bulb daina !
Shopkeeper: Kaalay buld ka kia karna hai?
Pathan: Dopehr mai sonay ke lie andhair karna hai

Husband texts to wife on cell..

“Hi,what r u doing Darling?”

Wife: I’m dying..!

Husband jumps with joy but types “Sweet Heart, how can I live without U?”

Wife: “U idiot! I’m dying my hair..”

Husband: “Bloody English Language!:):):):)

Urdu Funny SMS

Teri yaad mein humne kalam uthaayi
liya paper aur tasveer aapki banai
socha tha ki usko dil se laga kar rakhenge
magar vo to bacho ko draane ke kaam aayi…


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What is secret of succes?

“by Right Decisions”
How do you make right decisions?
“by Experience”
How do you get experience?
“by Wrong Decision”Very Funny#)

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Usne utari saree
fir aayi peticoat ki bari
blouse to pahle hi diya tha utar
ziyadah excited mat ho yaar
yeh tha kapray sukhane ka taar ….!pppp


The awkward moment when ;):)

when your friend is arguing with their
parents &

their parents turns towards you
and asks

“Do you ever talk to your parents like this?” XD


best ever Funny SMS Messages in Hindi and English

Once many professors were called and asked to sit in an airplane.

After they sat. They were informed that the plane is made by their students.
All of them ran and got out of plane except one.
People asked him the reason
He said,” If it’s made by my students it will not even start.”

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Why I Hate C.I.D :(

An Example:
LADY: Rahul Mera Bhai Tha
DAYA: Kya? Rahul Tumhara Bhai Tha?
LADY: Han, Rahul Mera Bhai Tha
ABHIJEET: Rahul Sach me Tumhara Bhai Tha???
LADY: Ha Sir…Wo Mera Bhai Tha.
ACP: My God, Iska Matlab, Tum RAHUL Ki Bahen Ho …


Funny SMS in Urdu and Hindi

6 frnds,
2 bikes but no petrol
exam nite,6 duffers no notes.
sitting on sea view ,
6 smokers n only 1 cigrete!
1 girl,6 frnds n all saying “teri bhabhi hai”

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