Top 11 Funny Prank Channels on Youtube

Youtube is undoubtedly the most popular video sharing service and is the second most popular site around the globe after Google. It has been noticed since last few years, People have started gaining interests in watching funny pranks on Youtube prank channels. It has been noticed people living away from their home for work or study prefer watching movies on streaming sites or either prefer to watch videos on Youtube. Prankster videos are one of the most trending video category which gets millions of hits from around the world.

I am going to share top 10 most popular Youtube Prankster channels which you can subscribe if you like watching funny pranks. The list is handpicked and these channels get updated regularly with fresh videos. You may also like to read how to download YouTube videos without any software.

How to remove Dont Send Error from Windows XP

Hello all Today i have a great trick for you especially for both peoples who use Windows XP on their PC’s.I am going to reveal a trick on How to remove Dont Send Error from Windows XP with out any installation and deletion of software :) .First we must have to know why this error occur?Answer is, This error occur when you open and run many programs at once.And when you are switching from one program to another.In that case any one program go to HELD mode and don’t send error occur.In result of this error your all programs stop and close.and you feel angry yourself.Now we will see how we can remove this error permanently from window.I already wrote some helpful article like How to fix usb device not recognized in Windows i hope you read it too :) .

5 best Practice Management Software System for Medical

Practice Management Software is a software System which keeps you Medical office running consistently and smoothly.Such software allows users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payers, perform billing tasks, and generate reports and many more Medical related tasks as well.These systems easily integrates into your practice and provide online access to all the information you need to optimize coordination, reduce operating expense, and accelerate revenue may like to read Angelina Jolie use Drugs Video Leaked – Franklin Meyer.

How to fix usb device not recognized in Windows

If you are getting “usb device not recognized error in Windows” while plugging USB,USB Mouse, Keyboard or any other Plug and play Device.Then you not further need to worry.Today i an going to share with you a trick of How to fix usb not recognized error in Windows :) .As we all know USB Devices now plays a important role in modern computing system.Now a days we all have USB mouse,USB Pin Drives,USB Keyboard, Data cables etc.I also love USB drives and have 5 USB drives including mouse,key board,data cable of my iPhone etc.I already post a very valuable article on how to format write protected USB – Format USB SD Cards.

how to format write protected USB – Format USB SD Cards

if you are looking for how to format write protected USB?How to Format SD card which has Write Protection Error or switches then you are at right place :) .Now you don’t need to take worry about this problem because i am going to share 2 best and easy ways to Format your write Protected USB as well as SC Cards :) .

Many people asked these question to me and insist me to please share a informative article on this issue.Some memory cards and USB drives have write protection switches, which did not allows you add any file into USB or Card, or edit any files already store on it.It also prevents the drive or card from being formatted :( .if you are also face such problem then it is the time to get rid of this may like to read how to use usb as ram in pc – boast pc ram speed.

How to apply Foundation on Face Perfectly – Beauty Tips

In today’s article we will learn How to apply Foundation on Face Perfectly by Depilex Beauty Clinic & Institute Lahore.Proudly reviewed by Faryal Fatima Senior Contributor @ Howpk.Some of my friends in Punjab University asked me why you should not write articles on beauty tips and fitness as i have good experience as well as good company of guiders like Bushra, Mariam, Mavish :) .So, in that case i have right way to use Foundation on face :) .you may like to read Weight Loss Tips – How to Loss Weight Free Easy ways.