Most Dangerous City in the World in Term of Natural Disasters

By | March 30, 2014

Most Dangerous City in the World

The list of top 10 “Most Dangerous City in the World in Term of Natural Disasters“. The biggest Natural Disaster is Earthquake.A list of top 10 dangerous cities in the world in Vulnerable to natural disasters for possible deformations has been released.

TOKYO (capital of Japan)  is at 1st number.

About 80 percent Tokyo’s population may affect as a result of any major earthquake. Jakarta, Calcutta, Shanghai, Tehran and the Philippine capital Manila are also listed on world’s most dangerous cities.

Philippine capital Manila is at second number.

The Hong Kong, Shen RN, Macau and Guangzhou such important cities are included.

Most Dangerous City in the World []

Most Dangerous City in the World []

Japanese city of Osaka has the world’s most dangerous city, where the earthquake are most vulnerable for a half million people.

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is below 40 percent from sea level means that an earthquake can be very dangerous for the city, while the hurricane could affect the population.

Similar  Japanese city of Nagoya is at 6th, Kolkata (India) at 7th, Shanghai (China) is at 8th, Los Angeles (U.S) at 9th and Capital of Iran Tehran is at 10th position in the list of  most Dangerous Cities in the wold.

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