Do You Know These Exercise Gear to Get Healthy?

By | April 17, 2017

Exercises is an essential part of everyone’s life for longitivity and good health without any diseases and problems. doctors also recommend atleast exercise daily for 20-40 minutes daily for productive day and balanced mind.

Exercises comes with lots of benefits such as alert mind throughout the day besides being creative at workplace ,if you tend to form a habit of daily workout without any excusesthen you won’t feel tired due to lack of energy in full day which makes you vigilant in all the work you do.

With the fully occupied work schedule, people now days sometimes get less time to go out and perform workout separately, that’s when these workout equipment’s comes into play as you can make use of them while you are working or just relaxing like watching your favourite show on Netflix while working on your elliptical or spin bike to get fit without spending any extra time.

Do You Know These Exercise Gear to Get healthy []
Do You Know These Exercise Gear to Get healthy []

Therefor keeping in the benefits of daily exercise we have come up with some of the best fitness gear one should be using while on workout session daily for maintaining good health and fitness.

So come on folks let’s get started with the best fitness gear right below to get yourselves fit and healthy forever.

1. Rowing Machines

Rowing machines and indoor rowers are great workout equipment which provides full body cardio workout for better body stamina.

It comes in 3 resistance types namely air based, water based and piston based for various purposes and body types but if you are new to rowing machines andhave no idea about which would be best for you,then I would recommend you to choose air resistance based rowing machines, as it’s easy to handle, comes at affordable prices and gives overall good workout exercise to novice and experts too.

2. Skipping Ropes

Skipping is an activity which is recommended by every fitness and sports coach to do before starting the real game or fitness regime as it warms up the body to take the real challenge and perform at his best because after skipping the muscles get more flexible and active ,blood flows across the body .

Moreover prolonged skipping may also help you reduce the body fat to make your look good in long run .it comes for cheap, so you can buy any from a store which seems to be of good quality, strong and durable to take your fitness to next level.

3. Spinner Bikers

Indoor spin bikes are an alternative for normal cycles, as it helps you to do cycling in a closed environment, it’s good for those people for who don’t have cycle or prefer doing it in closed environment.

Spin bikes comes with lots of benefits too, like stronger thighs, better digestive system, reduced spine pain and many more. Spinner bikes comes with lots of features and functions to track your health and body vital easily and then show on screen .so you could buy any good bike which you like as per your budget and requirements .

4. Stair Steppers

Stair steppers increases your blood flow across the body parts and is good for cardio workout .you can use mini steppers while sitting also to get maximum benefits without spending extra time on workout.

Exercise Gear to Get healthy[]
Exercise Gear to Get healthy []

Steppers came at variety of price point and features like Bluetooth, steps records, app for info and much more to give your fitness the edge it require to perform best daily .

5. Sports Shoes

Shoes are essential for exercises irrespective of what kind of workout you do .weather you go for cycling ,walking or just push-ups, you would be required to have good pair of shoes in your feet’s for best grip while workingout .

You can buy a good quality and light weight shoes from a good company which would last longer and are durable to take your fitness to next level with any compromises on health.

6. Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are full body workout equipment’s which makes it a must for a person who take his fitness seriously and want to maintain his lean body for long time.

It’s much better to own a elliptical instead of treadmill if you have budget constraint and want to buy only one ,and the reason for it is that it’s not only a great cardio workout machine but also helps in blood circulation and toning your legs besides many other health benefits when used in daily fitness regime .

7. Adjustable Kettlebell

Kettlebells are an essential equipment for all gym enthusiast to do some serious level cardio workout .But adjustable kettlebell takes the game to next level as they not only provides all the benefits of normal kettlebells but also they come with variable weights which can be added or removed as per the requirements of your workout routine .

They are also helpful for doing other kinds of exercises also like push-ups, press downs and many more.

Moreover you need to quit smoking and start doing daily exercises to stay healthy in long run and live a life of longevity without any problems in old age because smoking cause many problems in upper body and chest cavity which could be dangerous you move forward in life,it acts as a slow poison to ruin the life but you can counter its effect by excessing daily in gym and open environment to live longer and healthy life without any disease and infections.

I am 100% sure that if you start using these fitness gear regularly in your fitness session then after some time you would see the change in yourself as your body would become more fit and healthy which would help you to stay active in your old age too without any problems in your bones .moreover you mind would also work actively throughout the day with full creativity and productivity In whatever work you do .

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Author: Tanvir Zafar

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