Introduction to PHP – Why we need PHP and MySQL in website

By | July 1, 2015

Introduction to PHP – Why we need PHP and MySQL

Welcome to our first class in this class we take “a brief introduction to PHP”. here we Came to know why we need PHP and MYSQL.why php most famous development language.Blah Blah Blah! Intro To PHP PHP stands forĀ  Hypertext Preprocessor also knows as personal homepage.

PHP is a server-side scripting language intended to help web developers build dynamic web sites quickly. Why need PHP? So the question arise why we need PHP.we can make website in HTML then why is important to use php instead on others.

The Answer is by using php we can generate or make dynamic website and store our heavy data in sorted way with HTML it is very difficult almost impossible to dynamic website.

Second reason is PHP is open source which means we can download it free at any time. And the most important it is easy to understand if you have little bit knowledge about c/Perl learning PHP is a cinch.php support almost 12 types of database systems including MySQL, MSQL , PDO etc.database are used to store data in sorted form. SO today all webmaster and developer try to used php instead of any other language.

introduction to php []

introduction to php []

What You Should Know? You have to learn Basic HTML. Have little bit knowledge of working any programming Language. What you need? 1: XAMP server.(it is free) 2:Note Pad++ for codding 3:Time and Attention :) Syntax of PHP we can use php in HTML to make our HTML website dynamic. here is the syntax

<html> <head> <title>MY PHP Learning ROOM</title> </head> <body> <?php //this is the starting tag for php echo”This is content”; // echo is used to show the string and other output ?> // this is php closing tag </body> </html>

Conclusion In this article, we have discussed the motives for using PHP, what PHP is and even gotten into writing some source code.However, this is meant only as an introduction, to help you on your way to becoming an experienced PHP programmer. For more information, I will write tutorials with practical works and video for basic and advance level PHP. Happy trails! If you have any question regarding Introduction to PHP. feel free to explain your views in comments. Don’t forgot to like our page and subscribe to our site for more Classes of PHP. you may also like to read Sana Khan Died in Road Accident with her husband in Jamshoro.

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