Introduction to HTML – What is HTML – Learn HTML

By | July 9, 2015

Introduction To HTML – A Brief Overview about HTML

here you can learn what is HTML? Why we need HTML? How to Learn HTML?What is the brief Introduction to HTML.And Many more as you want.

Welcome to our first HTML Class.html stands for “Hyper Text Mark-up Language”. In the world of webmaster it is the mother of all net based language.Anyhow, It is complicate as it advanced but still you can never be a good webmaster without html.This is the first language that was introduces to make a WWW (world wide web).
we now there are many latest and more featured languages introduced now but without this language you can’t do anything.You need to learn this language first in order to be a webmaster.


This is our First class about HTML overview.So,First i want to introduce myself then we run toward deep in this topic.HTML is introduces in 1980, By physicist Tim Burners-Lee.

Introduction to HTML Language – Starter Guide by GCians

introduction to html[]

introduction to html[]

Who is me???

My name is Tanvir Zafar. Student of Software engineering in is enough.:)

Why i do this for you?

I see on many website that have started such threads but they they did not succeed to complete it.My friends asked me some thing new daily about such, i think ,it is better to me or my friends to learn those things completely by starts to ends.That’s why i am going to write this tutorials for you.


SO let’s start our first class about “A Complete Introduction TO HTML:


You can see its importance in every website on the can check source code of any website and you see no one is go besides other words if you want to make a site you need to design a template or theme which is totally write in HTML.So, I think now you have guessed idea about its importance.Absolutely you know that you can never solve a problem if you would not familiar to its performance.
Importance of HTML:
one big question arrive here that if there are many other top class languages are in markets for develop and design a website why we need this old language to learn?
Answer of this question is all of our internet browsers (explorers) only can read this Language(HTML). they did not know anything written on PHP, ASPX,. net short you can make a webpage in any language but that language was inclosed in html language so that browser can easily read that data and response to us.
Some Advantages of HTML:

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Almost supported to all browsers.
  • fast HTTP response.
  • fast browsing facility.
  • Widely used (established on almost every website).
  • It is free no need to pay for anything.
  • easy to learn and code even for newbie.


  • Does not support Dynamic output.
  • for advance uses you need more complex mind.
  • limited security.
  • Changes are very difficult in complex and big project.

This is the brief Introduction to HTML.I hope you like this.If you feel any problem in understanding this class or any point you can comment on us i am here to help you.


Author: Tanvir Zafar

Tanvir Zafar is a internet Entrepreneur and owner of this site and many others as well. He is student in GCUF doing BS Software Engineering. :)