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By | July 30, 2015

Introduction to C ++ Programming – A brief overview of C++

here we learn what is C++ programming? Why we need C++ programming? Who to learn C++? What is the brief introduction of C++ and Many more as you want.learn a brief introduction to c and OOP.

This is our fist class about C++ programming. So First i want to introduce myself then we run towards deep in this topic.

Who is me???

                         My name is Muhammad Awais. Student of Computer Science engineering in Pakistan. its enough.:)Introduction to C.

I see on many website that have started such threads but they did not succeed to complete it.My friends asked me some thing new daily about such, i think ,it is better to me or my friends to learn those things completely by starts to ends.That’s why i am going to write this tutorials for

So let start our first class”A Complete introduction to C ++ programming”:


Introduction to C ++ Language.

introduction to c ++[]

introduction to c ++[]

Welcome to our first Programming class. Firstly i want to tell you about the computer Languages. Everyone know About the means of language.

we have two languages in which one is easily understand by the computer that is low level language. And another language is high level language that is easily understand by user or human.

low level language is nearer to computer or hardware. Machine language and Assembly Language are low level languages and C, C++,FORTRAN, PASCAL and JAVA  are the high level language. In which we  are study about C++ language.
you think that there are many languages like java and FORTRAN to work on computer and develop Android games and software but we never forgot the importance of C++ languages.

Now we are going to learn something about C++ compiler or see there are must a software to develop anything…for example if we create a picture then we use paint and if we create a document on word then we use Microsoft office and Microsoft word to built it. Same as we use compiler to compile or run or C++ pr0gram.

So”Now what you think about writing code”

it is same for me as”rolling pin“:)

don’t afraid it is easy as you can do.First you need to know about syntax of c languages.


Every language has its own syntax in order to write and code a program.C uses this syntax

#include<your header file name.h>            //.h is extension of header file.

void main()                 //it is a keyword in c and it tell the compiler that start compile code here.


Body of program    //code here what you want.


this was the simple syntax for is the basic syntax.we tell you advance Syntax when we go ahead.

in above paragraph we see a new word “keyword” what is this new bird in c.

Definition of Keyword:

Keywords are the reserved words in c which has some specific meaning in c..we cannot change there meaning.

what are header files:

header files are the extra files in c which has a portion of code to do a specific task in c++for example if you want to take a output of your name in screen you use keyword “cout” or “printf”but these words has a huge code in there header files and conio.h

you can see the code of these files in include folder of your turbo.

you can also make your own header file for some purposes and as well as make new keyword..this all we learn you in our next advance tutorial.

i hope this information is very helpful to you.i think this is the good introduction to c ++.

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