Trick to Increase Evo Signals with TV Antenna

By | February 4, 2016

Now you can increase evo signals with TV Antenna – Trick to boast EVO speed and signals

Hello all, Today i will share a dirty trick with you :) . This trick is dedicated to those friends who are asking me frequently to tell them how to increase Evo Speed as well as Signals. If you are also looking for such trick then you are at right place, Because here is will teach you how you can easily increase evo signals with TV Antenna method :) . By using this trick you will notice a huge boast in internet speed (uploading as well as downloading speed). If you are thinking it’s a joke then you are wrong :P . you may interested to read How to share EVO Internet over WiFi, on multiple devices.

I test this method on my own ends and its works jango. As you all know there are numbers of tricks on internet for this purpose but al are fake (not work for me). That’s why i decide to go deep into this and finally after too much assumptions i have understand the working environment of EVO.

I have also mentioned some assumption bellow for your better understanding. you may also interested to read PTCL Evo Wingle Packages in Pakistan 2014 – Evo 3G internet.


Trick to Increase Evo Signals with TV Antenna []

Trick to Increase Evo Signals with TV Antenna []

Some Facts about EVO wingle (3.1 & 9.3) :

  1. On peak time the speed of EVO is usually slow. Reason is, everyone is using it and the tower can’t hold such too much traffic.
  2. We mostly used evo devices in closed room (bed room or bathroom :) ) . The built-in Antenna of EVO is not too much strong that’s why it can’t get strong signals in narrow location like closed room.
  3. Major mistake, Mostly we use evo in hybrid mode. Due to this evo drop EVDO signals while catching dual signals.

Now we will continue to our today’s dirty trick :) . Don’t miss to read Trick to Speed Up PTCL EVO 3.1 Wingle 3g Speed.

how to increase EVO Speed as well as Signals with TV Antenna Method :

Now you have learn most basic factors of EVO working environment. Now we are moving toward our trick.

  • First of all you need a change the EVO mode from Hybrid to EVDO. You can do this in EVO connection preference section. By doing this you will notice a sudden increase in signal. As show in picture bellow.
    How to Increase Evo Signals and Speed with TV Antenna []

    How to Increase Evo Signals and Speed with TV Antenna []

  • Now you need to buy An Antenna. It is easily available in market in cheap rate with Wire.
  • Now buy a small piece of TV cable wire (coaxial cable). Connect its one end with your evo device and connect its other edge to Antenna Cable. As show in picture bellow.
    increase evo wingle 3.2 and 9.3 speed and signals []

    increase evo wingle 3.2 and 9.3 speed and signals []

  • Now connect the second end of Antenna cable to Antenna.

That’s all now you will see the huge boast in Signals as well as in Internet speed. Because now you have a good Catcher. You may remember that in earlier times we use Antenna to get free channels life PTV. This works same as like as PTV disk system work :) . Now you have learnt how to increase Evo Signals with TV antenna. Now you will enjoy unbelievable internet speed. I hope you like my trick. Feel free to share this with your friends, family and other EVO users. If you have any question feel free to comment. you may also like to read PTCL 3G evo tab Price, Package and Specification.

Author: Tanvir Zafar

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