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learn html.what is html how to use it in web development and web designing.

Introduction to HTML – What is HTML – Learn HTML

Introduction To HTML – A Brief Overview about HTML here you can learn what is HTML? Why we need HTML? How to Learn HTML?What is the brief Introduction to HTML.And Many more as you want. Welcome to our first HTML Class.html stands for “Hyper Text Mark-up Language”. In the world of webmaster it is the mother of all… Read More »

How to create Table in HTML – Table Alignment in HTML

learn to make and create table in HTML .How to make the table Alignment. In this class i will tell you How to Create table in HTML .It is very important objective for any webmaster and website developer.As every website consist of table and one website can be develop without table.i now in some websites we cannot… Read More »

How to Create Drop Down Menu in HTML CSS style

Navigation is the most important factor of any user friendly website.We use navigation to navigate or access website different parts.It must be user friendly and easy to navigate in order to make user experience good.In this purpose we learn today “How to Create Drop Down Menu in HTML“. It is very easy and simple.You just need to make a css file and unordered list of pages to do may also like to read How to create Table in HTML – Table Alignment in HTML.

Make validating input form using JavaScript in HTML

We all know the importance of validation in all manners. A web Developer must need to validate Input form to escape from Hacking or other unauthorized access. In this article we will learn how to make validating Input Form Using JavaScript in HTML. We will start from basic to some what high level of validation rules. First we must have to know what is means by validate input? Answer is quit simple. Validation means rules and encapsulation of data entering in a specific field. for example you have to take input in a field label as Email. In term of its validation. The input data in this field must have “@” sign and must have “.” character after “@” sign. These rules and specifications are called validation. Mostly we use JS (JavaScript) for validation. You may also use Ajax and other Server side language. In this tutorial we will deal with easy way to validate simple input form in HTML sing JavaScript :) . you may also like to read how to create simple php forum or Discussion Board.

How to Make Fixed Navigation Bar in HTML and CSS

User experience is always play a vital rule in site ranking. As we all know google now consider this as a ranking factor. It is very bad, if a user come and can’t easily navigate what he want :( . In this order many of us try to use Absolute Fixed Navigation so user good experience. But many developers think it is difficult task to make fixed navigation, That’s why they use heavy plugin and modules. But now you no need to install such heavy plugins :) . Becasue in this article i will teach you “How to make Fixed Navigation Bar in HTML and CSS” . It is very easy. It did not require so much knowledge about Developing and designing languages. I will make is kinda simple and easy for you. In this article we will learn how we can easily Create Sticky fixed top, Bottom, Right and left Navigation menu Bar by using HTML and CSS. Keep in mind this is very basic fixed bars. You can make it more attractive and eye touching just by using CSS :) . For your Convenience i also upload HTML and CSS code for fixed navigation bars. you might also like to read how to create menu in php Dynamically – php navigation.