how to use usb as ram in pc – boast pc ram speed

By | August 21, 2016

read how to use USB as ram in PC.Learn how to use usb to boast you PC performance and speed.

hello friends today i have a great article for you.”how to use usb as ram in PC“.Every person wants to boast their pc performance in order to get your pc fast.So don`t worry you are right this article i will tell you the best and easy way to make your PC speed more high then usual.people says that ram is the big and forest factor of computer speed.that

means more much ram have more much speed.

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it is not true all time.i means to say in Pakistan there is very talent.many people are in this scope that how to find free and easy stuff which help us.

learn how to use usb as ram in pc in order to boast PC performance.

for this purpose you need a usb i recommended you to use 4 GB USB for high performance result.

  1. Right click on My computer icon shown on your desktop and goto properties button show in last of dialogue box.
    how to use usb as ram in pc[]

    how to use usb as ram in pc[]

  2. go to Advance button option –> >Performance Settings.
    use usb as ram in pc[]

    use usb as ram in pc[]

  3. go to advance–>>change
    use usb as ram in pc[]

    use usb as ram in pc[]

  4. select USB drive and then click on custom size.
    usb as ram in pc[]

    usb as ram in pc[]

  5. now it is done restart your PC and see your boasted performance

i hope this trick is very useful to you and you also enjoy this trick very well.

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in last i have question for you.

  1. what you thinks i missed?
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  3. have you any good and more easy way and trick?
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