How to track stolen Laptop, Mobile and Tabs free

By | July 5, 2016

Learn how you can easily track stolen Laptop, Mobile and Tabs free – If your any of mentioned gadget has been lost, don’t worry i have solution

Hello, i am back again with a appreciable trick :) . I saw many people are searching online “different ways to track stolen laptop, Tabs, Cell phone etc“. But they didn’t get any perfect way or answer. If you are also looking for such material then you no need to search anymore :) , because you are at right place. here i will tell you how to trace your lost Laptops or Cell Phone easily and free. I know there are thousands of online services, but all are very costly. Today i will share a free service with you, by using this service you can locate your lost gadget easily.

Actually all such services use almost same techniques to locate or trace anything. i.e you need to install a application on your device (laptops, mobile, tabs etc). Create an account on tracking service provider (application provider), so that you can trace it. When someone connect your device with internet, you can easily trace the location as well as thief :) . in this way you can track stolen laptop too. you may also like to read about Mobile Number Tracker – How to Check Mobile Location.


How to track stolen Laptop, Mobile and Tabs free []

How to track stolen Laptop, Mobile and Tabs free []

How we can Track Stolen Laptop or Mobile phones free :

You don’t need to buy costly application in order to trace your gadget. I am using a free service and believe me it works very well. It is Prey anti thief application. Let me tell you how it works. Once you install its on your laptop, tablet or phone, it silently waits for a remote signal to wake up and work its magic. This signal is sent from Company’s hosted web service whenever you wish to gather information, like locking down the device or track stolen laptop or mobile.

How to track stolen Laptop, Mobile and Tabs free []

How to track stolen Laptop, Mobile and Tabs free []

  1. Download the Prey application for your gadget (laptop, mac, iPhone, tablet etc). you can download the require application from the above link.
  2. While installing keep your eyes on its settings. It will ask you “if you want to create a shortcut for accessing Prey”, for unauthorized access i will suggest you to check the box labels as “do not create the shortcuts“.
  3. It is a hidden program, even you also can’t easily find its files :) .
  4. After successful installation it will ask you to create a account. So, check on New user and click next.
  5. If you are facing any difficulty while creating a account then you can go to prey site and make a free account from there too :) .
  6. Once you create account just login into it and it will start its working. You will never get Desktop notification or any icon about it. it is totally a hidden program working with windows service. It will start with windows starting and almost impossible to stop for newbie or unknown person.
  7. You can also change its configurations i.e when to send signal etc. For this purpose, go to installation directory >> Platform and open the “prey-config.exe” file. you can set the frequency of reports and actions in options of execution.
  8. In order to trace your gadget, login into prey website by using your login details.
  9. In the control panel you will see two option trace location and missing my device. Use the appropriate option as you desire. if you want to track stolen laptop or other gadget then click on missing my device.
  10. Besides of all these you can also perform some additional functions i.e lock you device, control it remotley, can send message, if it is a mobile then you can take image from front camera if applicable.

Let’s have a talk :

I hope you have now learn how to track stolen Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablets, iPhone etc free. Feel free to share your views with us. if you have any question ask it freely. you may also like to Check who visited my Facebook profile without any App.

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