How to share EVO Internet over WiFi, on multiple devices

By | May 18, 2016

Learn how to share EVO internet over WiFi – Now you can use your PTCL EVO internet on multiple device on the same time

Many of use use PTCL evo devices. It is good because it is portable. But as like DSL or broadband you can’t use its internet on multiple devices i.e your PC, Laptops, Cell phones etc :( . But it is 2015 yeah!, and i have a good solution :) . Now you can use your PTCL EVO (3G, Wingle) internet on as many as you want devices at the same time.

If you are also looking for such trick then you are at right place because here i will told you “how to Share EVO internet Over WiFI“. Yes it is true, You can share your PTCL evo internet over wifi and can use it on your mobiles, PC’s, Laptops and other devices at the same time.

Bellow is the step by step tutorial about it. Please don’t forget to share this trick if you found this helpful. One more gift for EVO customers, If you are bored from slow EVO speed then don’t forget to try my Trick to Increase Evo Signals with TV Antenna. If you missed it, then it is your fault :P and you will stuck with slow speed like donkey.


How to share EVO Internet over WiFi []

How to share EVO Internet over WiFi []

Share your PTCL Internet over WiFi on Multiple devices at same time :

As i have told you, you can use your PTCL EVO USB internet on multiple devices at same time. But you just need to buy a 3G USB WiFi router from market. Becasue without this router you can’t share EVO internet over WiFi. It is very cheap and easily available in market. After buying you need to make some configuration as like bellow :

  • Set your Router and turn it on with power supply.
  • Now you need to save some settings, as you are running this router first time. Set router Settings as mentioned Bellow.
    username :
    password : ptcl
    Phone : #777
  • Before attaching your EVO with router and start surfing, first you need to make some changes in EVO settings. For this purpose, connect your EVO USB with your PC and change its Mode to “Only EVDO” in settings. By default it will on Hybrid or X1 mode which is not capable to attach with router.
  • Once you had changed the setting as i mention above then you can connect your EVO USB in the 3G WiFi Router. Don’t missed to Check your PTCL Broadband Speed Online – PTCL DSL.

That’s all now your EVO USB is start working like Broadband DSL modem and you can use as many as you want devices with this router on same time.

Share your Experience :

I hope you have understood “how to share EVO Internet over WiFi and change it into WiFi Router“. Feel free to share your experience with us. if you really like my trick then please share it with your friends and family as wee as on your social profiles. if you have any question don’t be SHY while asking :) . you may also like to check PTCL Evo Wingle Packages in Pakistan 2014 – Evo 3G internet.

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