How To Change Wifi Password-Change PTCL Broadband Wifi Password

By | December 13, 2016

How to change WiFi password.Learn how to Protect your PTCL broadband by password.Find easy and free way to change your WiFi password of ptcl and broadband.Learn how to change WiFi password.

If you are looking for How to change WiFi Password?Want to change wireless password?secure my WiFi?Limited access to WiFi? I already wrote another helpful article for how to check who is using your wifi PTCL internet. Then do not worry you are on right place.Here i will tell you how to make your WiFi password protected.In this article i will tell you the easiest way which “i am also use”to change or protect WiFi by password from unauthorized uses. It is very important because it can effect some one internet speed.If any unknown user get access to your wifi then your internet speed is divided into two may like to Check PTCL Telephone Bill Online – Download Duplicate Bill. So be aware from this and don’t forgot to change you wifi password after installation of modem.If you did no do at that time.don’t worry you can done it now.

how to change wifi password

Find the easiest way “how to change wifi password”

Learn How to Change Wifi Password.(with snapshots).

Finally your neighborhood tech savvy kid has hacked your password .or you just simply want to change the password of your Wi-Fi then do not worry. because I have created a full tutorial for you on how you can change your Wi-Fi password of PTCL ADSL modem. Follow the steps given below to change the password easily.

How to Change WIFI PASSWORD.

Fist of all when you newly install dsl broad band.Then admin password is by default as (admin). First you need to change admin access password because if you have a network.Or you divide the internet by line then every person on that network can easily access to admin panel and limited all other users internet.So, it is first thing which we have to do.To do this follow the given instruction. You might interested to read How to Configure PTCL DSL Modem – Broadband Settings.

How TO Change WiFi Password Of DSL MODEM

1: Go to your internet browser. and type this address on your address bar and press enter.

2: After pressing enter you will see a new window.Enter admin as user name and password and press enter.It is your  by default username and can change only password from management tab. Note: If you have latest Modem then username will be same but password is written on the back of modem.

3: Now click on advance setting bottom.Show in above Right corner or maybe in the left sidebar.

4: After this goto the wireless tab.Here you is your wifi setting located.

5: Follow the below Image.

change wifi password

change wifi password

It is your by default wifi password. Change it and save setting. that’s all. Congrats! you have now change your wifi password. For more high security use case sensitive and more complicated password. You may interested to read easy way to hack wifi password.

How to change wifi password.

You can also change your admin access password by going to management link show in above figure.

Learn How to change PTCL DSL Modem Admin password.

How to change wifi password of broadband ptcl.

Lots of new user face problems and difficulty in configuring their modems sometimes ,even finding the panel for the login. Which is actually a very simple task in doing. You can open PTCL router from another PC using this same method as well. I hope this article is very helpful to you.As every person want security. feel free to comment if you have any question. If you want to Get Free Updates of our Website to your Mobile Phone free. write Follow adsheat in text message and Send it to 40404.

Author: Tanvir Zafar

Tanvir Zafar is a internet Entrepreneur and owner of this site and many others as well. He is student in GCUF doing BS Software Engineering. :)

  • ap reset krain again…. kuch dyr tak button ko push e rakhna…
    then default username and pass enter kro…
    ager net na chlain to configuration ker lo…

  • M.M.Zeeshan is not opening to configure the setting of my EVO 3G

  • A R Khan Balouch

    i cant access what to do

  • fariady

    wifi password change

  • waqar

    plzz help in this page on the side there is only three tabs

  • Sadia Zahra this link is not working it shows message that
    google refuse to connect to this site

  • ali

    how can i chnge my password

  • bilal khan

    yaar jo device ka default login username ad nd pasword hota hai admin admin wo change ho skta hai kya

    • bhai by default 3 username hoty hy, admin, support and user. Username to change ni ho skty but ap admin ka password change ker skty ho.

  • Furqan

    Salam tanvir bhai ap se ek info chahiye th.. koi pc se modem ko reset laga skta h..jise modem or wifi dono ka pasword na pta ho.?

  • make sure your browser extenssion not making issue. try to open it in firefox, if the you get the same the try with

  • Menahil Farrukh is not working! what to do??

    • please use it without http://
      use firefox.

    • Furqan

      Open in firefox

  • Ahmad Saeed

    I type the address but it do not show any result

    • make sure you are not entering http:// in start.
      just type “” in the url bar.

  • azlan

    how I can change my wifi password throug my mobile .???

  • Nashit Ansari took too long to respond. its all ways this when i entered the address.

  • Ebad Soomro

    kese me reset karo device to

    • bro device k pichy power cable k sath hidden button hota hy. vha likha b hota hy reset. us ko 10 se 15 seconds k lia push rakhna hy. modem automatically restart ho jae ga.

  • Annish Mahmood

    When i open the sign in page nothing happens…… I type the admin name and password but nothing happens……. The page reloads again

    • this is because you are entering wrong password.
      please check your password from the back of your modem. if it still didn’t work then reset the modema and then enter the default password.

  • qadeer ullah s/o noor sahib di

    Aoa.bro main apny modem ki Internet ki limit Chek krna chahta hon or daily usege data Chek mRNA chahta hon

  • Muhammad Rohan

    bhai 802.1x ki security kesy lgy ge… is ko explain kr do …. plz….
    ya is sy achi koi ho… defalt wali nhi…

  • umair

    bhai modem reset kesy karty hai

    • back pe reset ka button hota hy usko 5 seconds k lia push kro.

  • taimur

    brother i am typing my user name and password but the same window keeps on appearing all the time..its not working kindly help

    • because the password you are entering is wrong.
      make sure you are entering correct password. check the password on your modem device (back of the modem). Keep in mind that password is case sensitive.

  • iqra

    plzz tell me what is the username of ip_address can i change

    • username is same “admin”.
      read article to learn how to change its password.

    • Iqra is it a PTCL modem? are you using PTCL internet or other ISP?

  • Urooba Ghori

    i am typing my username and password and entering then again same page comes. what to do ? i am tired with this i tried my times

    • that means you are entering wrong password.
      please make sure you are entering the correct password.
      check for default password, mention on the back of your modem.

      • Urooba Ghori

        i checked it and i am entering the correct password

        • password is case sensitive i.e enter the characters same as they are i.e capital or small.
          if you still think the password is 100% correct then you need to reset the modem because you have changed the admin password. by resetting the modem the default settings will set and then your password will work.

          • Urooba Ghori

            i not connecting i tried re connecting on my phone it connects with the same password i entered

  • Mohammad Imran

    kiya mojoda password ka pata lag sakta hai

    • ha g pta chal skta hy. apne modem k admin panel me login ho jae. wireless section me jae vha option hoti hy pass ki vha se ap check ker skty hy. article read ker lain uper, us me btaya hy k kasa admin panel access kerty hy.

  • Mohammad Imran

    hello sir thora sa masla hai main ptcl router sy via lan internet chala raha hoon but wifi ka password kaisy search karoun

  • Bilal

    Any one tell me why i received this massage…… Your request for could not be fulfilled, because the connection to ( could not be established.

    • first thing, go without “http://” i,e type only in the url bar.
      second make sure your connection with your network is okay. without connection LAN or WIFI you can’t open this portal.

    • also try to open it in Firefox browser. because due to insufficient plugins this page not open.

  • aiman

    mery wifi ka masla ha modem kay sath wire attach karo to chal parta ha but wifi nii chal raha ha plz mjy btae may kia karo

    • admin panel me login ho k check ker lain wireless activate hy ya ni.
      ya to wpa (wireless )off hoga ya phir wifi ka pass apko ni pta hoga

  • usman

    i can,t login to my router can you tell me how to login its my new modem i try all the ways .which you already told to people in this discussion.

    • are you getting error at username or password?
      you didn’t get the login popup?
      if you didn’t get the login popup then open without http://
      if you are getting error with login details then you need to check the password on the back of router/modem if you didn’t change the admin password.
      if you have change the admin login password and forget then you need to reset the modem and try again with default password.
      let me know if your problem still not resolved.

  • W.salam
    if you get the broadbank modem from your friend for using internet (lan or wifi) then first thing is, you can’t connect with internet. because modem require settings must be on from ptcl exchange.
    If you have broadband connection then you need to configure the modem first then you can use internet..
    changing password is not a issue at all. just push the reset button on the back of modem for few seconds, it is automatically reboot and restore to default settings then the default username and password will work :) .

  • yasir ali

    mai wi fi password mobile par kase chang karonga

    • jis terha PC pe kerty ho.. article perho bhai jan

  • aijaz


  • Muhammad Awais Yunas

    bhai mera net br br disconnect ho jata connection limited likha ata. iska koi solution?

    • mostly wire broblem ki vjha se hota hy.. apni line ko check kervaien or dsl or apne system pe lgi link wire ko b check krain..

  • khursheed khan

    not working sir

  • barkat ali

    bro the didnt open y

    • try to open it in another browser. and make sure u have connect with LAN wire.

  • wahab gujjar

    Bai tanvir me jab apna modem comp se attach krta ho to desktop par neche network par yellow nashan ban jata he ur network unidentified ata he, phir jab me connector cable ko dobara utar kar lgata ho to thek ho jata he ,plz is ka solution btao ke dobara connector cable utarni na pare.

    • clean your connector cable on both ends…
      this may cause sometimes due to windows updates… make sure your Windows is up to date… commonly this issue is viral in windows 8..

  • wahab gujjar

    i write wifi password on my mobile that is written on back of modem but mob wifi is not connecting

    • password is case sensitive bro. differentiate b/w capital and small letters.

      • wahab gujjar

        i type small and capital letters but it is incorrect ,how to reset password

      • wahab gujjar

        i click reset button on modem then what i do? how can i change password

        • now login into your modem panel and follow the instructions given to this article

  • Abdull

    Admin,after changing pasword and all that how can i sign out ? kindly guide….

    • just close the window u will automatically sign out bro..

  • Rameez Niazi

    tanvir bhai, jub pasword change kerta hun to phr wifi connect nhn hota hy , jub k pc pa net chalta hy ???? cell phone b connect nhh hota hy , plz help

    • bhai jan wifi ka passwork change kerne k bad ap apne devices (mobile, PC etc) me b password change krain (jo apne rakha ho) then connect ho jae ga…
      apne mobile and pc me password ko update krain..

  • bro use instead of

  • please follow the instructions mention in this article bro..

  • asif

    i have changed PTCL device password
    now i forget that password
    please guides me resolve this issue

    • simply push the reset button (at the back of modem device). it will revert all default settings…. login into admin panel by default username and password and configure the device again… for device configuration please follow these guidelines.

  • Shafiq

    Dear Tanvir!
    i have a problem in connecting my Internet connection. Modem is working quit well but can not open any page.

    • there can be many possibilities for this..
      1: if your modem is new then you must need to configure it…
      2: if you have reset your modem then all configuration are removed.. you need to reconfigure it…
      3: make sure you have paid the bill
      4: make sure the dial up cable is fully and perfectly injected…
      5: if you think everything is okay then reset your modem and reconfigure it…
      here is the article which help you to configure modem.
      hope this will help you.

  • Abdul Saboor

    ITs error :-(

  • Abdul Saboor

    A.o.A Dear am Trying to Open but its not opening :-(

    • delete the cache and try to open it in other browser…

  • if there is no any password then you default username and password will be “admin”

  • adnan

    Tanveer saab….
    thanks for help…its really nice..
    take care..!

    • thanks #adnan for such feedback…
      Tanvir Zafar

  • Mudassar


  • HaNzal SaNdhu

    when i type password and user name it did’t work. dailouge box appear again

    • make sure your password is correct… username is “admin” and password is mentioned on the back of your modem device..

      • HaNzal SaNdhu

        yuppp i check it.butt still same

        • from which password you are trying to login? is it “admin” or something other?

          • HaNzal SaNdhu

            this is password written on modem’s back

          • so the issue is resolved now? right!

          • HaNzal SaNdhu


          • good to know….

          • arshad

            I want chng my poswrd but admin page couldnt open when i open my modem id adress this msg show me”401 unautharized plz hlp me

          • go with

  • Shahid Shamher

    Sean C: Drive remove Virus and browser history Remove or Clear update oldest sites. then put it work above somebody Teach in Picture

    • Shahid Shamher

      When I Complaint the PTCL for the Browsing are very slow and disconnect what it did start Browsing fast then few hours browsing work fast it automatically slow browsing and disconnect or what is the Problem my DSL Modem, I really do not know. I continued complaint for two months same problem my DSL what I do nobody slow them.
      My Mobile No: 03009366960 – ID 1915700644 — Phone No: 091-5700644
      PTCL how to slow the problem call my cell phone, I removed the error what you do when PTCL Main office calls you press 1 but the problem is still my Internet slow and Automatically disconnected.

  • Aeish Awan

    thnx bro its clear bcz of ur last cmnt

  • Aeish Awan

    hi u thr admi

  • adil haider

    what if i dont know my user name and password,how do i change my wifi password…. any idea…

    • username is always admin and password is mention on your router… if you have no rights to access modem or router then there is no way to change the wifi passwords….

  • Mohadisa Abbas

    i have change my password twice but someone by the name of horizon use it how should i stop this ????

    • if someone using your wifi after changing password then you must need to change your router admin password. because he had your admin password.

  • Muzamil Hussain

    Aoa.yar mery modem k pichy sy admin password gaib ho gya hai toh mai ab kiya krun k mera wafi pass change ho jai plz tell me 03246108816 its my number

    • bhai admin password kasa gaib ho gya??
      purana modem pe vase e admin ka password ni hota q k uska default pass b admin e hota hy…try ker lain ager na lga to modem change ker va lo ptcl valoo se free me

  • Abdul Rehman

    yar jab mein wifi ka password check kar raha hon to pehlay wala default password bta raha hay na kay jo mein nay change kia tha.plz help me

    • abdul rahman bhai…admin panel me ager default password show ho rha hy to is ka matlab hy k password change ni hoa..change kerne k bad save kerain then check krain.

  • Muhammad Usman

    Hello sir mairy pas laptop hy or main windows 8.1 use kr raha hn. main ny kali linux 32bit ki hy pr jb main first comand airmon-ng enter krta hn tu koi wifi receiving divise show ni krta.

  • thori Zahmat ker k post ko read ker article me yhi btaya hoa hy k wifi password kasa change kerna hy :P

    • Kiran Sarfraz Kiran Sarfraz

      bhai ma ap ko 1 num date ho 03026885852 is ma se ya num ki outcming or coming call delte kr de 03055477207 plz ap ka ehssan ho ga muj pe aj he delte kr de ya num plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bhai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aur massge b plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mre zindge ka sawal ha plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bhai

  • Omar Sharif

    i have a white little wifi device of PTcl , on the back the given password key does not resolve the issue and still asked for login at the page,doing it as you described it , please check if you understand the device , it is very common now.

    • @omar Sharif
      If you want to change your wifi password then you must need to login into your ptcl admin panel.
      If you are using old model of DSL modem then its username and Password will be “admin”. If you are using new model of dsl then username is “admin” and password will be written on the back of modem.
      After login go to wireless tab and change your password from there.
      I hope now you get it. If still you are facing any issue then please give me screenshot of modem (back side).

  • Åßďūl Ŕâħmån

    Modem Reset Krne se Modem ki Setting To nhi harab Ho Gi.. Means net off ya Bridge me koi Problem ??

    • No, it will revert all settings to default.what you all need to do is, change the ppp username and password… put your telephone number without area code into ppp username and give “ptcl” as password… (in easy installation link)

  • Haq Nawax Afridi

    what is management tab ………….. plz

    • it is a option in menu..when you login into admin panel you will see it there…

  • You can’t change username…these are fized username…there are 3 username “admin”, “user” and “support”.
    you can change their password but not username.

    • Aqeel

      Jiss jaga ptcl-BB likha ata hay vo change ho jata hay??

      • Yes it is Wifi name…and it can be changed easily..
        After login into admin panel….click on wireless and change the field data against SSID label…

  • junaid

    bro jb me modem ko reset kro to password to oahee ho ga ke badal gaye ga

    • definitely…if you reset your modem then it will revert to default settings…

  • for new modem. your username is “admin” and your password is written on the back of modem.

  • behzad

    mera admin ka passworh login ni ho raha jo broadban k pecha ha wo bitry kr liyaha.jaldi bta da plzzz

    • “admin” likh k try kro dono me…ager phir b na ho to apne password change kia hoga zuror….but don’t worry.. modem ki back pe reset ka button hota hy usko puch karo kuch seconds k lia…default settings ajae gi… then password put kro login ho jae ga….

  • abrar

    its not working

    • Why bro..Where you are getting problem??. this tricks works great. Why you so called bro??

  • affi

    sir there is no security setup for changing the pasward in the broadband router…….how can i change the pasward……..?

  • salman

    2nd step is not workable on my side..kindy tell me what can i dooo :(

    • Username is Admin and password is be written on the back of your modem.
      In new devices default password is not admin. it is written on the back of router.

  • uzair

    how can i change the password ADMIN to access page??? please tell me

    • go to management>>setting>>Access Control and then click on password.from there select the admin username and change its password :)

  • Asfandiyar

    how to find the username and password of a router

    • bro username is always admin and password is written on the back of router.
      if you are using old modem then both username as well as password is “admin”

  • Usama

    I want to change Wifi password but on back of modem there is last 4 digits and alphabets then plz tell me what to do…..

    • your user name is admin and password will be listed on the back of modem named as wpa/wpa2 key.normally it consist of 5 characters.

  • it seems like virus in your browser…check in other browser and let me know.

  • IT

    How can I find out my total data used??? I am using laptop and a mobile……

    • on laptop click on the network it will show you estimated used same in mobile

      • IT

        Sir please kindly give me the exact path…… Because I can’t find the option for data used in mobile I am using Android…..

        • Navigate to the Android settings menu.
          Tap “Data Usage.”

  • eeshamughal

    192.168 k bad kia karna hai n is ko google chrome pr search karna hai ? yahan pr koi window ka option nai a rha

    • is ko google ni kerna apne url bar pe likho n enter kro..vo apse username and password poche ga..username admin hy n password ap k moden ki back side pe likha ho ga..

  • Allahdad khan

    will u plz tell me wht to enter n username nd password, as it s not logging with mine username nd password,

  • Allahdad khan

    will u plz tell me wht to enter n username nd password, as it s not logging with mine username nd password,

    • username is admin and password will be written on the back of router.

  • Hyder

    thanx bro tanvir zafar i read the discussion and practical this and i success to change password

  • Junaid Sheikh

    yara yeah fir main jo user name and pasward ata ha us main kon sa user name pasward dena ha

    • bro mian ka username admin hy n password modem ki back pe dia hoga..

  • Moona

    I am using the wifi internet on laptop and the Dsl router is attached with the system computer .Actually i want to disconnect the internet from the computer secretly .Is there any way to disconnect internet from the computer if so then please suggest me the solution of this.

    • yes can disable lan connection from admin panel

      • Moona

        alright !what is the process to disable LAN ?

      • Moona

        please tell me how to do it ,its urgent.

  • aliraza

    assalamo alikum iam trying to change my wifi password . ma ny her password try kr liya ha modem ky pechy sey b try kr liya ha but ma open ni kr pa raha . ma ny admin b lgaya modem ki back sey b dakh ky lga liya lakin ma open ni kr saka ptcl ki site ko.

    • bro username is admin and password is the last 5 digits on back of modem…if it is not work then reset the modem and try again with same detail.(reset button is on back of modem)

      • aliraza

        sir ma ny bohat try ki ha or ma ny wire lga kr b change krny ki koshish ki ha lakin change ni ho raha . koi or hal ha is ka to plz mujy btaain

  • Alishan

    someone change wifi password and also changed username, admin, and pasword, admin… now help me plz

  • Alishan

    Dear Sir,
    someone change the password of wifi and also user name and password which we give. user,admin pasword, admin… now tell me how to check wifi password how can i access and which password and username i can give????

    • it is easy bro…there is a reset button on the back on modem…just push it for few second then all setting come to default..then use cable to connect and then give admin as username and see the password on back of modem..last five digits

  • bro read post..method e dia hoa hy….
    admin ka username admin e hy n password router ki back pe dia hoa hy…for more details read previous comments

  • Nouman khan

    salaam tell me da default password for ADSL2+ wifi with evo support !
    can anyone resolve my problem i’ll b very thankfull to dat person nd dat admin , admin thing doesnt work here okay

    • bro user name is admin and password will be written on back of router…for more details read previous comment…you will know where the password exist

      • Alishan

        Thanks tanvir Zafar Bhai

  • Nousher Khan

    Tanveer bai thnx … great work by you May God Bless u…
    Nousher Khan

  • Khurshid

    Sir how cn i change my user name in ptcl broadband wifi???

    • bro wifi ka username ni hota just pass hota hy….username apka modem ka hota hy….u can change it from managment tab..

      • Farzand Ali

        bro how m i supposed to get the mangemnt page when page is already not opening asking for user nname and pasword
        i ve tried both admin asn user name and paswrod
        and user as username and pasword
        both are not working kindky help
        there is no username and pasword mentioned on the back of the router

  • so, you want to change admin login password..put the password which u used to login into 1092.168.1.1 into old password tab.

  • Saud

    i changed the password but now it is not secure. kya wajah ho sakti hai tanvir bhai???

    • bro password change ker lia hy to secure ho gya hy..

  • Moona

    I want to change the password of Broadband modem (not wifi) means I have to change the password of the modem connected directly to system; can you please tell what is the way to do it??

    • okay..moona you want to change admin password not wifi..?is it ur question then..login into dsl admin panel by and then go to access controll you can change admin password…

      • Moona

        Alright thank you
        Can you please tell where i can found access control tab here .i have checked all links but couldnt find?
        okay now its done in the management link .
        Thanks for help.

  • AgHa Zohaib

    i have tried so many times as “admin” user and password as well as “user” as a user and password but I can not pass the “user” & “password” screen.. why?

    • Give “admin” in user name and for password, see the bottom of your wifi device.. select the last 5 digits of your WAP key (in some devices it is written as MAC) and enter them in the password option.. problem solved :)

      • AgHa Zohaib

        thanku for guiding i got access to Modem but dont know how to change password. I tried as u mentioned in aboove snapshot.
        here’s mine snapshot of my modem. i removed the password and Entered new one but not successful..!

        • WPA-Pre shared key…bro it is ur wifi pass..please change it as u desired

      • Farzand Ali

        this way ,didnt work for me help

        not “user” as username and pasword

        not “admin” as username and pasword

        not “admin” as username and “123454678” pasword

        not “user” as username and “123454678” pasword

        what to do now ;) ?

        • bro username is admin and password will be writen on ht eback of router…if you change the password or any other person then first rebot orr reset your modem by pressing the button on the back of router.

  • atif vains

    friendz me kaisy apna wifi pasword change kr sakta hu plz telll me sooooon

    • goto 192,168.1.1 and follow the steps mention above in the article bro :)

  • Abdul Basit PTI

    Here is my help for all brothers/sisters who have problem entering username/password (admin/admin) on

    Give “admin” in user name and for password, see the bottom of your wifi device.. select the last 5 digits of your WAP key (in some devices it is written as MAC) and enter them in the password option.. problem solved :)

    Also in some modern modems, both the username/password has been written at the bottom of the device so first check that if it is not written, then follow the above procedure..
    Thanks :)

    • thank you bro…. (Y) :)

    • adnan

      i have no idea dear
      plz my hepl me how can seach in webside

      • bhai ap urdu me bat ker lain..
        mujha samajh ni i ap k question ki..

      • Abdul Basit Pti

        bhai aap kisi dost se help lein usko meri comment dikha dein agar aap English nahi samajh saktay.. woh aap ko samjha de ga.. web search karnay ki zarurat nahi :)

    • taimoor

      Thankx bro it worked…username: admin and password: MAC key last 5 digits

      • you welcome

        • shayan

          Can I change password by mobile I try wid ip address bt is nt work plz guide me.
          and is possible to restrict the web page for another user and mobile applications thanks..

          • if you know the admin panel details then you can change it on your mobile device too.
            It is best to change it via PC because Mobile devices did not support some java scripts and flash.
            yes you can restrict any webpage. but it is easy in PC.
            for mobile you can search for such apps.

      • Abdul Basit Pti

        great bro (Y)



      • thanks bro

        • Furqax Arshad Ali

          What is 404 unauthorized every time i enter ip n enter admin in both pasward or username. 404 unauthorized notification appear . . . . plz tell me about

          • this type of error occur when an unauthorized person try to access authorize portal..
            so, make sure your username and password is correct.
            if both details are correct then try to delete history and cache of browser..
            i strongly prefer you to use mozilla firefox.

        • nauman

          bhai pasword me kon sa pasword lagana hai

          • First try “admin” in password field. if it doesn’t work then write the password which is written on the back of your router.

    • Jawad Ahmad

      Brother mera nya modaim hai . mai nai user name admin aur passward mai modaim k backside per Jo pasward the dai dia Lenin pir sitting open nai ki.ab mai kia karo muhai thariqa bata doo.

      • make sure your password is correct… keep in mind password is case sensitive… means enter letters in capital which are capitals…

  • uzair ali

    i cannot asses my modam……by useing “admin,admin”

    • use “user,user” or “admin,12345678”

    • Abdul Basit

      For all those users who cannot enter admin/admin as username/password.. read this..

      Give “admin” in user name and for password, see the bottom of your wifi device.. select the last 5 digits of your WAP key (in some devices it is written as MAC) and enter them in the password option.. problem solved :)

  • goto and follow the steps mention above

  • Umar UMZ ♔™

    Got a new router from PTCL. Some Fiberhome device which also supports EVO.

    Anyhow no username password combination seems to work. Tried admin:admin, user:admin, admin:12345678 , user:12345678 and a bunch of other combinations but I just can’t login. Called PTCL and they know nothing, the PTCL box says nothing and the manual is useless. Pathetic Customer Service.

    • hmm…that’s interesting…did u try user as username and pass…..try this…

      • Umar UMZ ♔™

        Well PTCL Customer Service called me later sayin that the pass. should be on the bottom of the router. Checked the router and on a tiny silver strip was the pass. which was a combo of random alphabets and digits.

        Well that worked but I can’t figure out how to change the

        • congo….
          when u log in goto wireless section and follow the picture shown in post.

          • Umar UMZ ♔™

            Actually I meant the WPA pass not the WiFi one. I’ve been able to change that previously but can’t seem to find the right option with this new router.

          • bro wifi password is in wireless tab of your admin panel

          • Umar UMZ ♔™

            I wanted to ask about changing the username password. I can’t find that option.

          • username can’t change but u can change password… go to management tab

          • Umar UMZ ♔™

            Thanks… Interestingly there’s also an option to add a new username. Eid Mubarak

          • thanks…khair Mubarak..apko b

      • Abdul Basit

        Brother it is simple :)
        Give “admin” in user name and for password, see the bottom of your wifi device.. select the last 5 digits of your WAP key (in some devices it is written as MAC) and enter them in the password option.. problem solved :)

    • Farzand Ali

      i m with u bro ;) same here

  • simple goto ptcl ip address as mention in article put admin password and username and go wireless section here you did not need to change anything aspect password.

  • Anwan Ali

    anwan khan

  • Rush

    I am lost my wifi password unforunately and many people misuse it. Please help me what can i do?

    • type into address bar and hit wil ask u to put username and password put “admin” in both fields…now go into wireless section and change the wifi password…

  • anismirza

    I forgot admin paswrd of wifi device. How i can recover it. Plz help

    • by default admin password is “admin”….if u change the password…then u can reset ur device…by resetting it will configure by default settings…..
      another ways is user “user” as username and password instead of admin….because it also works….
      reply if ur problem solved…

      • Salam
        How do I reset. Should the modem be off or on?

        • yes when you reset the modem be off and then on itself….to do reset…goto the ip address as mention in article to access admin panel…in maintenance section there is option of reset.

      • Khurshid

        Thnx Tanvir Sb

      • nosheen

        still error

      • Atta

        this is the same problem with myself. plz suggest me the right way how i access the password?

        • Listen,
          New modems didn’t have same password as like old modems have.
          try to access with “admin” as password first. If this didn’t work then check the password on your modem device (back of modem).

  • AHS

    Thanks it worked for me.

  • thanks bro…

  • luqman

    its not working on admin my username and password what can i do bro?

    • by default admin password is admin or some time it may be numbers from 1 to 8…try this….
      if you still not succeed then enter user in both fields username and password…

      • Haroon Bhatti

        sorry what do you mean by user??

        • in what case…bro..?
          if u talk about username and password…then it that case it is an alternative login details…user as username and password.
          Did i answered ur question?

  • ghwas

    A.s …Thanks for helping bro ,,its too helpfull for me to change my wifi password

  • waqar

    hello mujhe apne wifi ka password change karna hai soo plz tell me kise hoga chang

    • ap change kr skte hy….is topic ko read krain…is me yhe btaya gya hy k wifi password kase change krte hy…

  • Safvan Iqbal

    Bro please tell me that how much ragne of ptcl wifi please answer me as soon as possible.send me answer at my mail

    • ptcl WIFI range is 100 meters means you can access wifi in 100 meter range from a device :)

      • hamza butt

        but my wifi range is so low…why?

        • bhai hr modem ki range same hoti hy….ap modem ko metal se dor rakhe rang increase ho jae ge

          • hubaib

            tanvir sab tori help karo ma apna wifi paswrd chang karna chahta ho lakin nahy ho raha jub browser my data ho to ooops ata hy

          • bhai address sai likho…it is not

    • riaz

      u should type