How To Change Wifi Password-Change PTCL Broadband Wifi Password

By | August 12, 2013

How to change WiFi password.Learn how to Protect your PTCL broadband by password.Find easy and free way to change your WiFi password of ptcl and broadband.Learn how to change WiFi password.

If you are looking for How to change WiFi Password?Want to change wireless password?secure my WiFi?Limited access to WiFi?

I already wrote another helpful article to How To Change Gmail Password – Change Gmail Account Password.And Mobile Number Tracker.

Then do not worry you are on right place.Here i will tell you how to make your WiFi password protected.In this article i will tell you the easiest way which “i am also use”to change or protect WiFi by password from unauthorized uses.

It is very important because it can effect some one internet speed.If any unknown user get access to your wifi then your internet speed is divided into two may like how to format write protected USB – Format USB SD Cards

So be aware from this and don’t forgot to change you wifi password after installation of modem.If you did no do at that time.don’t worry you can done it now.

How To Change Wifi Password Change PTCL Broadband Wifi Password

Find the easiest way “how to change wifi password”

Learn How to Change Wifi Password.(with snapshots).

Finally your neighbourhood tech savvy kid has hacked your password .or you just simply want to change the password of your Wi-Fi then do not worry. because I have created a full tutorial for you on how you can change your Wi-Fi password of PTCL ADSL modem. Follow the steps given below to change the password easily.

How to Change WIFI PASSWORD.

Fist of all when you newly install dsl broad band.Then admin password is by default as (admin).First you need to change admin access password because if you have a network.Or you divide the internet by line then every person on that network can easily access to admin pannel and limited all other users internet.So, it is first thing which we have to do.To do this follow the given instruction.

How TO Change WiFi Password Of DSL MODEM

1: Go to your internet browser. and type this address on your address bar and press enter.

2: After pressing enter you will see a new window.Enter admin as user name and password and press enter.It is your  by default username and can change only password from management tab.

3: Now click on advance setting bottom.Show in above Right corner or maybe in the left sidebar.

4: After this goto the wireless tab.Here you is your wifi setting located.

5: Follow the below Image.

How To Change Wifi Password Change PTCL Broadband Wifi Password

change wifi password

It is your by default wifi password.Change it and save setting.

Hurra Congrats you have now change your wifi password.

How to change wifi password.

You can also change your admin access password by going to management link show in above figure.

Goto that link and change the password of your admin panel.

How to change wifi password of broadband ptcl.

Lots of new user face problems and difficulty in configuring their modems sometimes ,even finding the panel for the login. Which is actually a very simple task in doing. You can open PTCL router from another PC using this same method as well.
I hope this article is very helpful to you.As every person want security.

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  • Moona

    I want to change the password of Broadband modem (not wifi) means I have to change the password of the modem connected directly to system; can you please tell what is the way to do it??

    • Tanvir Zafar

      okay..moona you want to change admin password not wifi..?is it ur question then..login into dsl admin panel by and then go to access controll you can change admin password…

      • Moona

        Alright thank you
        Can you please tell where i can found access control tab here .i have checked all links but couldnt find?
        okay now its done in the management link .
        Thanks for help.

        • Tanvir Zafar

          You wellcome

  • AgHa Zohaib

    i have tried so many times as “admin” user and password as well as “user” as a user and password but I can not pass the “user” & “password” screen.. why?

    • Tanvir Zafar

      Give “admin” in user name and for password, see the bottom of your wifi device.. select the last 5 digits of your WAP key (in some devices it is written as MAC) and enter them in the password option.. problem solved :)

      • AgHa Zohaib

        thanku for guiding i got access to Modem but dont know how to change password. I tried as u mentioned in aboove snapshot.
        here’s mine snapshot of my modem. i removed the password and Entered new one but not successful..!

        • Tanvir Zafar

          WPA-Pre shared key…bro it is ur wifi pass..please change it as u desired

  • atif vains

    friendz me kaisy apna wifi pasword change kr sakta hu plz telll me sooooon

    • Tanvir Zafar

      goto 192,168.1.1 and follow the steps mention above in the article bro :)

  • Abdul Basit PTI

    Here is my help for all brothers/sisters who have problem entering username/password (admin/admin) on

    Give “admin” in user name and for password, see the bottom of your wifi device.. select the last 5 digits of your WAP key (in some devices it is written as MAC) and enter them in the password option.. problem solved :)

    Also in some modern modems, both the username/password has been written at the bottom of the device so first check that if it is not written, then follow the above procedure..
    Thanks :)

    • Tanvir Zafar

      thank you bro…. (Y) :)

    • adnan

      i have no idea dear
      plz my hepl me how can seach in webside

      • Tanvir Zafar

        bhai ap urdu me bat ker lain..
        mujha samajh ni i ap k question ki..

  • uzair ali

    i cannot asses my modam……by useing “admin,admin”

    • Tanvir Zafar

      use “user,user” or “admin,12345678″

    • Abdul Basit

      For all those users who cannot enter admin/admin as username/password.. read this..

      Give “admin” in user name and for password, see the bottom of your wifi device.. select the last 5 digits of your WAP key (in some devices it is written as MAC) and enter them in the password option.. problem solved :)

  • Tanvir Zafar

    goto and follow the steps mention above

  • Umar UMZ ♔™

    Got a new router from PTCL. Some Fiberhome device which also supports EVO.

    Anyhow no username password combination seems to work. Tried admin:admin, user:admin, admin:12345678 , user:12345678 and a bunch of other combinations but I just can’t login. Called PTCL and they know nothing, the PTCL box says nothing and the manual is useless. Pathetic Customer Service.

    • Tanvir Zafar

      hmm…that’s interesting…did u try user as username and pass…..try this…

      • Umar UMZ ♔™

        Well PTCL Customer Service called me later sayin that the pass. should be on the bottom of the router. Checked the router and on a tiny silver strip was the pass. which was a combo of random alphabets and digits.

        Well that worked but I can’t figure out how to change the

        • Tanvir Zafar

          when u log in goto wireless section and follow the picture shown in post.

          • Umar UMZ ♔™

            Actually I meant the WPA pass not the WiFi one. I’ve been able to change that previously but can’t seem to find the right option with this new router.

          • Tanvir Zafar

            bro wifi password is in wireless tab of your admin panel

      • Abdul Basit

        Brother it is simple :)
        Give “admin” in user name and for password, see the bottom of your wifi device.. select the last 5 digits of your WAP key (in some devices it is written as MAC) and enter them in the password option.. problem solved :)

  • Tanvir Zafar

    simple goto ptcl ip address as mention in article put admin password and username and go wireless section here you did not need to change anything aspect password.

  • Anwan Ali

    anwan khan

  • Rush

    I am lost my wifi password unforunately and many people misuse it. Please help me what can i do?

    • Tanvir Zafar

      type into address bar and hit wil ask u to put username and password put “admin” in both fields…now go into wireless section and change the wifi password…

  • anismirza

    I forgot admin paswrd of wifi device. How i can recover it. Plz help

    • Tanvir Zafar

      by default admin password is “admin”….if u change the password…then u can reset ur device…by resetting it will configure by default settings…..
      another ways is user “user” as username and password instead of admin….because it also works….
      reply if ur problem solved…

      • عدیل عباس سرگانہ

        How do I reset. Should the modem be off or on?

        • Tanvir Zafar

          yes when you reset the modem be off and then on itself….to do reset…goto the ip address as mention in article to access admin panel…in maintenance section there is option of reset.

  • AHS

    Thanks it worked for me.

    • Tanvir Zafar

      Welcome dear

  • Wajahat Ali

    thanks bro…

  • luqman

    its not working on admin my username and password what can i do bro?

    • Tanvir Zafar

      by default admin password is admin or some time it may be numbers from 1 to 8…try this….
      if you still not succeed then enter user in both fields username and password…

      • Haroon Bhatti

        sorry what do you mean by user??

        • Tanvir Zafar

          in what case…bro..?
          if u talk about username and password…then it that case it is an alternative login details…user as username and password.
          Did i answered ur question?

  • ghwas

    A.s …Thanks for helping bro ,,its too helpfull for me to change my wifi password

    • Tanvir Zafar

      thanks for appreciating bro…

  • waqar

    hello mujhe apne wifi ka password change karna hai soo plz tell me kise hoga chang

    • Tanvir Zafar

      ap change kr skte hy….is topic ko read krain…is me yhe btaya gya hy k wifi password kase change krte hy…

  • Safvan Iqbal

    Bro please tell me that how much ragne of ptcl wifi please answer me as soon as possible.send me answer at my mail

    • Tanvir Zafar

      ptcl WIFI range is 100 meters means you can access wifi in 100 meter range from a device :)

      • hamza butt

        but my wifi range is so low…why?

        • Tanvir Zafar

          bhai hr modem ki range same hoti hy….ap modem ko metal se dor rakhe rang increase ho jae ge

          • hubaib

            tanvir sab tori help karo ma apna wifi paswrd chang karna chahta ho lakin nahy ho raha jub browser my data ho to ooops ata hy

          • Tanvir Zafar

            bhai address sai likho…it is not