Google Rank Post on Fact not Links – What is Future of SEO ?

By | March 8, 2015

Google Rank Post on Fact not Links – A Question for all SEO Experts, What is Future of SEO ?

OMG! Google will not Consider Backlinks in future while ranking websites. SEO community Buzzing after publishing a Knowledge Based Trust PDF file by google scientist. According to Google Scientist “Google Rank Post on Fact not Links“. So, A big question arise here that. Now what is the Future of SEO is google Ignore backlinks.

According to this PDF source “A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy“. Still google didn’t release any date when he rolled out this change. But i am damn sure SEO is going to change from grave.

The main idea behind this change is google want to give chance to little business sites. Because we all know Backlinks is the backbone of SEO. If they built in well and natural manners. But most of the high authority sites rank their low quality content just by off-page. It is good when google stop following Backlinks as a ranking factor. you may also like to read 3 ways to determine Google Algorithm Updates.

Google Rank Post on Fact not Links - What is Future of SEO []

Google Rank Post on Fact not Links – What is Future of SEO []

Is this End of OFF-Page SEO? – What is the Future of SEO ?

Everyone is buzzing about SEO rule of thumb :P . Is this end of off-page? or google want to become more smart then Black hatters? If Google can’t reliably identify trustworthy links, why would we think they can reliably identify trustworthy content in some other way? There are tons of questions arise in our mind, But at this time we can say anything.

When we try to reach google for its deep analysis, Matt said ” you no need to take worry about it, if you are linking in any linking network :P . Just be natural”.

So, Let’s Talk :

What you think is it good if google rank post on fact not link (instead of backlinks)? Feel free to share your views with us. If you have any question please ask it freely. you may also like to read How to Get DoFollow Backlinks from Facebook.

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