Facebook Blocked in Pakistan for unknown reason

By | June 26, 2015

OMG! Facebook Blocked in Pakistan by PTA for unknown reason

From last 2 days i was noticing a very slow speed PTCL internet. After complaining i came to know that there are some main wires problem which cause slow or limited internet for all PTCL users. Learn how to boast your internet speed – 100% working Trick. Today i am unable to access facebook. I think may be it is down but after too much tries, i could not open it. So, I just confirmed that Facebook blocked in Pakistan (temporary) for unknown reason.

First i think may be it is due to slow internet connection but i am surprised to see all other heavy websites are opening perfectly. Then i decide to use proxy to see whether it is a connection problem or something other. And i am surprised! Facebook is working correctly on proxy sites. That means there is a mishaps or mistake with our internet service provider.

I have send many mail and messages to PTA officials to let me know the reason, but all in vain. But you can still access Facebook by using proxy sites. If you want to learn how to open such blocked websites then you must read to read these 5 ways to open Blocked sites in Pakistan.

facebook blocked in Pakistan for unknown reason [howpk.com]

facebook blocked in Pakistan for unknown reason [howpk.com]

Facebook Blocked in Pakistan Temporary by PTA :

We are continuously on contact with PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) officials, but they are not providing the reason why they banned facebook and when will they withdraw the ban. Instead of Facebook, some other major websites like Ahrefs and other major popular website are also not accessible from PTCL internet. You can access facebook by your Mobile internet connection. It is just blocked for PTCL subscribers. Seem like there is a issue with PTCL internet service provider. Currently there is no any official announcement come for FB banning. It is supposed that it is a temporary issue and will resolve soon – InshaALLAH.

Can you access Facebook?

Let us know if you can access facebook from your PTCL internet connection. We want to know whether Facebook Blocked in Pakistan or just in some Cities or Province of Pakistan. Feel free to share your views and experience with us. If you have any question ask it freely via comments. Did you test your DSL Speed? not then check it know, DSL Speed Test – Check internet upload and download speed

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