What is Error and it Types – Sequential Structure with Example

By | July 21, 2015

Error and It Types with brief explanation. What is the Errors or it’s Definition or it’s brief Explanation and its all types that is occur in our program. What is the Sequential Structure in the Programming language like C/C++?

Here we learn about the Error that is occur in our Program and its all types. How the bugs create a problem in our program and how to find(bug) the Bug in the program and remove(debug) the Bugs in one’s program? A brief Explanation of Sequential Structure Programming Technique with Example which is the Simple Program.


So lets Start Our Topic:)

First of all i want to tell you about the Error  and it all types with brief.

Errors and it Types:)

An Error in a Computer Program is known as bug. bug is create a problem in Flow of Program.

There are three types of Error in C/C++ that is as follows:

  1. Syntax Bug
  2. Logical Bug
  3. Run-time Bug

Syntax Errors:)

A collection of rules for writing the program in Programming language is known as Syntax. All the statements written in program according to there syntax.Syntax Error occur when a programmer write  a statement in program but not according to there syntax. Thecompiler can easily find the Syntax Error in program and tell the programmer about it. The Example of the Syntax Error is as follows:


error Syntax[howpk.com]

Logical Bug:-

A type of Errors that occur due to poor logic of the Programmer. In the Logical Errors Compiler cannot find it because all the statement are written in according to there syntax but the logic is not according to the program requirement. For Example the user wants the program of adding two numbers like(X+Y) but the programmer use the logic of multiplication of two numbers like(X*Y) then the program is exacted without any Error but program cannot fulfill our requirements.

It is very difficult to find the Logical Errors. Because Compiler cannot find it. Check the statement to find the Logical Bug by Programmer individually.

Run-Time Bug:)

This type of Bugs can occur when the illegal operation in the program that cannot completely executed.

The program is Running unlimited of time. For Example the Programmer write the operation like (1/0) and sqrt of any negative number like (sqrt(-2)).

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