How to create Table in HTML – Table Alignment in HTML

By | July 8, 2015

learn to make and create table in HTML .How to make the table Alignment.

In this class i will tell you How to Create table in HTML .It is very important objective for any webmaster and website developer.As every website consist of table and one website can be develop without table.i now in some websites we cannot see table and we don’t know where is the table?but it does not means “that site did not use table”you can check the codding or source of that page then you realize that it has tables.

in the above picture you can see a table.but why we cannot see such type of table in a real online website??

answer of this question is we never use table in such manner which make cause of dis attraction for  our visitor.anything which we have to write it is written in table.So the question is

table in html[]

how to create table in html[]

create table in HTML.learn How to align table .


Why we need table?

We mostly need a table in HTML to align our website contents and images and more many other things which cannot be directly aligned.

for example:

if you want to use two navigation bars on both sides of you site.then you must use the table to align them besides of content.if you don’t use table you cannot align there position.

Why we can’t see table in a website directly?

the reason is we use table border of “0” size so that its border cannot see.and the color of a table is like to our website that it is impossible to see it directly.we can see it via its page codding.

so in this tutorial i will tell you how you can create table in HTML.

Tables are defined with the <table> tag. and this is closed with the </table> tag.

so when you see such tag in any site you should know that it is a table.

a table is the collection of rows (with the <tr> tag)  and columns or cells (with the <td> tag) which consist of text, images and more over as you stands for “table data,” and holds the content of a data cell or a column. A <td> tag can contain text, links, images, lists, forms, other tables, etc which you want.

here i will show you a sample of a table which has

<table border=”1″>
<th>Header 1</th>
<th>Header 2</th>
<td>row 1, cell 1</td>
<td>row 1, cell 2</td>
<td>row 2, cell 1</td>
<td>row 2, cell 2</td>

Header 1Header 2
row 1, cell 1row 1, cell 2
row 2, cell 1row 2, cell 2

this code will show 3 rows and 2 columns as show in above table.

if you make its border as 0 besides of 1 then the border will not show can also change color of table,background color of table and more.

user background color as you want after border in quotes.

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