Create Dynamic Website in PHP MySQL with admin Panel

By | June 29, 2015

Create Dynamic Website in PHP MySQL

This is our Second Tutorial and in this tutorial we will learn “how to create Dynamic Website in PHP MySQL with admin Panel“.

As in previous tutorial we had learn that how to create a simple php static website.Now we will make the same site dynamic where we have a admin panel in which we can create ,delete and edit pages,navigation and content of the pages.
Read How to Delete Pages and Menu from PHP admin Panel.
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It is same like blogger and WordPress where you have a admin login to maintain and manipulate your blog or site.

Other unauthorized user can’t access your admin and can’t change your site content.You just need to watch video with attention and don’t forgot to do some practice.with out practical work you never learn.

Create Dynamic Website in PHP []

Create Dynamic Website in PHP []

1: In this video we will learn how to create a database and table in php-my-admin.Also make a database connection page in order to connect database to your website.


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