how to change your name on facebook after limit

By | November 29, 2015

easy ways to change your name on facebook after limit – Learn how you can change your Facebook username after the exceeded limit

Many of us see that our friends change facebook name frequently. There may be many causes for doing so. May be they did not want to use their original name or may be they want to make their facebook name more attractive than before. In all cases, keep in mind we did not always succeed to change it. Sometimes we exceed the limit. So in this article we will learn how to change your Name on Facebook after limit.

Yes, there are many ways to doing so. If you change it the first time then you did not need any trick to do so. But keep in mind There is a limit. It is because of security and also facebook is a social networking site so it doesn’t allow to change the name always. But it also did not means that you can’t try.

Here are 3 easy ways to change your facebook Username after exceeded the limit. All of these methods are working accurately according to me. If you are having any issue while doing so, then feel free to contact us. you may also like to read Easy way to change facebook page name 2014 trick.

how to change your name on facebook after limit []

how to change your name on facebook after limit []

3 Easy ways to change your facebook name after limit

Keep in mind only use these methods if you already have changed your name for many times. If you are doing it first time then you need to play with any trick. you can easily do it just by clicking of settings and then click on edit your username button. If there is no option to edit it in edit facebook name box then it means you have exceeded your limit :( . Don’t worry try my these trick they will definitely work for me :) . Don’t miss to Check who visited my Facebook profile without any App.

Method 1: Change you FB username by sending name changing request:

It is the safest and easiest way to change your facebook name without having any issue with your profile. You just need to fill up the facebook name change request form and submit your all required document to it by uploading. I prefer you to use your CNIC to very your identity because it is easy and fast to approve by them. The Form will look like this.

how to change your name on facebook after limit []how to change your name on facebook after limit []

how to change your name on facebook after limit []

Note: as I mentioned in the above picture that please provide your original details like first name and last name. Because facebook moderators verify it according to your ID (CNIC, Driving License, VISA, Bank ID etc). Get this form here facebook name request form.

Method 2: Change your name on facebook by adding page:

Surprise to hear but it is true you can also change your FB username by adding a page. For doing so please follow the step given bellow.

  1. Create a new Facebook Page or you can also use an existing page which have below 200 likes.
  2. Now open the page and click on Edit page and then click on Update Page Info.
  3. Now Click on Edit Facebook Web Address. and then click on Change We address and replace it with your username.
  4. Now click on check availability button. after checking a message will appear that will ask you something like “your page username is currently set as the username for your timeline. Do you want to change it to be the username for this page? you may only change this once”. As show in figure bellow :) .
    how to change your name on facebook after limit []

    how to change your name on facebook after limit []

  5. Click on Transfer Username button.
  6. That’s all now go to setting >> general account settings >> and change your username.

Save it and refresh the profile page and check its address :) and enjoy this trick (Y) . You are also interested to read How to verify Facebook Page – Get FB Fan Page Verified.

Method 3: How to change your name on facebook after limit exceeds by deactivating your account:

It is totally secure and legal. you have not to deactivate the account in real. So, don’t be worry. It is a funky trick. Bellow are some steps you need to follow:

  1. Login into your Facebook account and click on settings. In the drop down menu of name settings set a name from already suggested names list.
  2. Now Click on Deactivate your account.
  3. Facebook will ask you the reason for it. Select the option ” My account was Hacked“.
  4. Now a box will be displayed with a text “You can secure your account here“.  Click on it and follow the steps.
  5. After following all steps, you will be able to change your Name. After changing it, Don’t forget to change your password.

That’s all, you have done it. So, these are 3 easy ways to change your name on facebook after the limit. I hope you like this. Please share it with your friends and in social networks. If you have any question or having any problem regarding these tricks feel free to comment us. We will help you in all manners. you may also like to read How I can Block my Facebook ID Permanently or temporary.


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