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How to do Proper Keyword Research for Organic SEO

first i will suggest you always go for long tail keyword instead of short tail or short term. It is little bit easy to get rank on long tail. A keyword which have more then 3 word is knows as link tail keyword. If you got good rank in long tail after some time you will automatically get ranked for short tail. :) . Remember Now a days long tails Keywords become the root of success in Organic SEO for 2014 and afterwards. From the graph attached bellow you will better understand the difference b/w short tails and long tail. Also never under estimate the power of high quality contents. Most recommended article to read how to write high quality articles as Pro content Writer.

How to Get targeted traffic on my website free

This article is specially written for those bloggers who want to drive Country wise traffic on their blog or website. I received many request from newbies as well as pro blogger that ” How to Get Targeted Traffic On my Website free of cost” :) . What you think! Is it possible? Yes! it is. Here’s a short tutorial on how to do it. First we need to know what is meant by Country Targeted Traffic. Country wise targeted traffic means getting Massive traffic from specific Country. As you hear from many pro bloggers that their site or blog have 90% US, Canada, UK as well as other premium country traffic. They did not live in these countries, but they getting traffic from these countries. A question arrived here that is.How is it possible? How to get traffic from Specific Country like them? don’t worry i wrote this article just for it. there are some Key factors which will able us to do so. you may also like to read How to Get Huge Traffic from Reddit Highly Targeted US Visitor.

how to write high quality articles as Pro content Writer

As it always said by all top webmaster that “content is king, you must need to concentrate on content while writing articles“. All pro bloggers always used to say write high quality post to get good rank in all search engines. 2014’s SEO is totally depend on Content, No any other factor will increase your online presence instead of quality :P . so the Question arise here from many newbies and pro blogger too that” what is mean by High Quality Post” and “How to write high Quality articles on blog or website?“. These are the most trending question and no one has its sufficient or satisfied answer. In that case i am succeed to have an Interview with a High ranked Freelancer Content writer as well as some pro blogger to tell me the myth behind it. Which i am going to share with you :) . Good news is that i will share it with you free of cost :) . Many pro bloggers charge their fee to tell this secret but we are not from those creepy bloggers :P . you may like to read Effect of Sitemap on SEO and Website ranking in 2014.

Effect of Sitemap on SEO and Website ranking in 2014

I am receiving many question from Newbies about their site listing on Google. Some says that their site is 3 week old and still it did not index by google :( . I know there are many issues which leads your site not index by google. But most important is your site Sitemap. In this Article we will learn Effect of Sitemap on SEO as well as we learn what is sitemap and what is its importance on SEO. Believe it or not Sitemap is always be a search Engine ranking factor. You website never be accessed by google if you don’t have sitemap. Because Google only can read those pages who are listed on your sitemap. What a webmaster to a site owner has to do in this order? He has to create sitemap for his site and submit it to search engines. You may interested to read What is blog, Blogging, Who are Blogger – Advance Guide.

How to earn Money Online In Pakistan without Investment

Now a days we know the economic Condition of Pakistan Everyone want to know How to earn Money Online In Pakistan without Investment :) . No Doubt you are here to learn how you can make Money by working online without invest a single coin. Yeah! Yeah! i know you all have some bumpy dumpy logic about some online earners i.e they are very poor they did not have enough money to buy a cheapest simple car. But know they all have 5 Corolla XLI and BMW in their Garage. You all want to learn what are those ways? What are the ways which make you rich in a night? right! but Believe or not there is no any free way to earn massive income to be a rich man in one single night. Even not for investment strategies. Online Making Money is easy and simple but it takes time to totally understand the strategy and working ways in order to earn huge amount of money from any network. Don’t worry i have some free ways which will help you to earn money Online free and easy without any investment but you need to give time and keep patient. Remember never do any spamy trick for earn fast. I know they helps but for minor time :) . Earn Money online is Pakistan is now a fashion.If you really want to make money don’t forget to read How to Make Money Online – 5 Ways to Earn Fast from Internet.

What are Meta Tags – Importance of Meta Tags in SEO 2014

Hello valuable readers. I hope you are all good and enjoying my post very well :) . Today this post is dedicated to newbies. I saw many websites of newbies and realize all are have some basic and most important SEO objects are missing. Yes it is Meta Tags. Today i will tell you What are Meta Tags and how much they are importance SEO to get your Article rank on Search Engines like google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. I will also tell you how to use these tags properly into your post for maximum seo results. Are you ready to learn? Yes read the entire post with full attention and don’t forgot to comment because i want to know how much this article you feel is useful for you. you may also like to read What is blog, Blogging, Who are Blogger – Advance Guide.