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3 ways to determine Google Algorithm Updates

This article is sticky published for Webmaster or bloggers. As we all know google is the world most using Search engine. As a webmaster or a blogger, it is always our first choice to rank our posts and article (websites or blogs) on google instead of any other search engine like yahoo, yandex, ask, bing etc. It doesn’t means that we no need to optimize our website for yahoo, bing, yandex and ask. I use this sentence to just tell you the value and difference of search engine as a blogger sight. But while ranking our site or post we missed a lot of factors to include or which must be kept in mind while publishing post and when any update come from google (Normally known as Algorithm Update) like Panda, Penguin, PBN Update, Pirate Update etc, we lost huge traffic and don’t know how to recover it :( . But in this article we will not go too much deep in optimization and algorithm factors. In this post you will learn How to Determine google algorithm Updates. By reading this article you can check anytime, anywhere what is going on and what will be going to happened with google algorithm or updates. Basically google shuffle its two algorithms frequently and many times which are known as (panda and Penguin). Bellow i have mentioned what are they and how they effect our blogs. you might also like to read What is Search Engine Optimization – Role of SEO in Marketing.

How to get DoFollow Backlinks from Forums

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, If they are created by natural ways then they will definitely increase your SERP. In this regards Forums links always plays vital role to increase PA as well as DA of any websites. but it is kinda difficult to get Dofollow backlinks from forums now a days. Becasue Most the forums have high PR like 4,5,6 even 7 and 8 as well as PA, DA :) . And surely they did not ready to give you dofollow backlink easily. you need to make your profile rank better in any forum in order to get backlinks :) which is somewhat a long tern procedure. But Now you no need to take worry about it :) . Because in this article i will tell you my dirty trick of how i get do follow backlinks from high PR forums as well as content sharing websites just after make an account :) . Means now you no need to make your profile rank better and more better in order to achieve some high quality backlinks from it. you may also like to read how to get Backlink and traffic from imgur without SEO.

how to get Backlink and traffic from imgur without SEO

As a blogger or a webmaster, We all want to drive huge traffic on our websites. For this purpose many of us learn SEO and other prefer to use Gurus service (hire SEO Experts). But there are many other ways to get highly targeted traffic on your websites that will definitely increase sales as well as profit :) . Guess how! No doubt it can be easily achieve by social bookmarking sites like reddit, stumble upon, Pinterest, Tumbler etc. If you want to drive traffic from reddit then you must need to read How to Get Huge Traffic from Reddit Highly Targeted US Visitor. In this article we will learn how to get Backlinks as well as Traffic from Imgur (A image hosting service founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009 in Athens, Ohio, United States). First i want to elaborate what is mean by highly targeted traffic and how it plays vital role in product leads and sales. Highly targeted or laser targeted traffic means “specific users which are come to your site or sales pages in order to buy them”. Let me go with a example, you may use facebook advertisement, while making a campaign they ask you to “target your audience” means from which country or area you want to target your product. Read full story :)

Seems like Penguin 3.1 rolled out on Thanksgiving

In the last hangout with google SEO team experts, They told us that “we did not rolled out any panda or penguin Update on major events like Black Friday and Thanksgiving, Because it is too much hard to control as billions of queries updates on these days”. But many webmaster pointed that there is any penguin update. It seems like Penguin 3.1 release on Thanksgiving Day and effect 6% English search queries. Google has not confirmed it but the black hat forums are going nuts about Penguin recoveries over Thanksgiving day. Google has told us many times that, they wouldn’t push out major updates during busy holiday seasons. So in my observation this cannot be true, no Penguin 3.1 rolled out. on the other hand many SEO expert ping me again and again that they lost their organic traffic by 50% what is going on. Is there any bullshit animal rolled out by Google? We also have dozens of threads at Black Hat World form on such topic, many webmaster shared their stats and ranking changes for sites that was hit by the Penguin 3.0 release. You may also like to read White Hat Trick to increase Alexa Rank in few days.

How to create menu navigation in wordpress 2014

As we all know wordpress is the most ever used CMS by Web developers. It is easy to use and manage site using this content management system. If you are new to learn Wordpress then you have many question in your mind which seems like very common and general our sight. In this article we will learn how to create menu navigation in WordPress along with screenshots :) . I think Providing screenshots of any task is always the best way to teach something to newbies. There may be different possibilities while creating a menu bar. May be you want to learn how to add an external page in the navigation menu. Or you may want to create Primary or secondary Menus in Wordpress etc. If you are also looking for such stuff then you are at right place :) . If you want to install wordpress on your local computer then you might like to read How to install WordPress on xampp windows 7, 8.

Download yoast wordpress seo premium Plugin free

Here you can Download Yoast Wordpress SEO Premium Plugin free of cost. Yes it is totally free for you. it is not a cracked version or nulled script it is totally genuine :) . After installing Wordpress SEO by Yoast Pro plugin into your blog you can access to some extra and unbelievable tools as well as settings which can increase your traffic as well as rank upto 200% :) . Keep in mind before installing and making any changes please make sure that you have take backup of all files as well as database (only for security purpose). Did you know in your overall seo process 70% part is spare in Keyword research. If you don’t know what is it and how to do it then believe me you never be a successful blogger or webmaster. Here is the simple tutorial for Keyword research. You must like to read How to do Proper Keyword Research for Organic SEO.