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5 Killer ways to Increase Alexa Rank Fast and Easy

Now a days all Bloggers looking for ways to Increase Alexa Rank.So, in that purpose i have a great gift for you.Here is the top 5 killer ways to increase Alexa Rank free and faster.We all know after Google Page Rank the second thing which gives high importance by webmasters is Alexa Rank.All webmasters judge any website by just seeing its Alexa Rank.Even advertisers check your Alexa Rank to advertise on your blog.more low Alexa means you have more chances of advertisement :) .In simple words the more visitors on your site means you have good chance of good Alexa may like to read How to Get Huge Traffic from Reddit Highly Targeted US Visitor.

GetResponse vs ConstantContact vs MailChimp

As we all know Email Marketing is now become most popular network for product sales as well as business leads. There are many email service providers all around the world which provide facility to send bulk emails in order to increase leads as well as sales. Although there re tons of online services (paid as well as free) for this purpose but selection of best one will definitely save your time, cost as well as efforts. So, here we will discuss which is best email service provider GetResponse, ConstantContact or MailChimp. By taking surveys and reviews of all these top 3 services i created a list of features as well as Strength and weakness. So, as my tittle goes “GetResponse vs ConstantContact vs MailChimp“, bellow is complete comparison of all of these. you may also like to read Trick to Get Premium Hosting free for Lifetime.

how to recover from penguin penalty in 2015

As we all know “Backlinks or votes play a vital rule while ranking a post or a website”. If you are a perfect SEO master then you will never underestimate the power of Off-Page. But wait, it doesn’t mean that you have to make bulk of links in order to get rank. Keep in mind if you will try to cheat google, you will caught by its animals soon and your site will be removed from search indexes. If it has already done with you! then you no need to take worry. Because in this comprehensive article i will tell you how to recover from penguin penalty in 2015 and afterwards. First let me give you a brief into of google Penguin. Actually it is an algorithm designed by google web spam engineer to detect backlink spam sites and remove those sites from SERPs. in earlier days, when we want any post to get on top we make backlinks for it an get our article on top. Many spammers use this techniques and in result of this searcher didn’t get accurate and quality results. That’s why google decide to detect and remove such spammers from search, and in this order they build a powerful algorithm named as google Penguin. you may also interested to read Which matter a lot Quality or Quantity in Backlinking.

Which matter a lot Quality or Quantity in Backlinking

After a long time google again start focusing on off-page spamming. In 2014 and earlier, a site rank well which have more pointing signals (backlinks). You may have seen many low quality content’s sites ranked in top instead of high quality contents site. But now the rule of thumb is change. Today we will discuss on “Which matters, Quality or Quantity in Backlinking“. Few days ago, Google’s John Mueller said: Google Rank Post on Fact not Links. It is true in some sense, but we can’t say that links are not important. Signal or votes always play vital rule in SERPs. But now what changed is, “Quality matter a lot instead of Quantity“. Now the time has gone when you write a post and make thousand of backlinks and get it ranked on top :P . Now what you all need is to get natural and high quality links. You will see, a site with few links generating more traffic as compare to a site which has thousand of spamy and unnatural links. you may also like to read How to Get DoFollow Backlinks from Facebook.

5 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2015 for SEO

If you really want to get sales as well as traffic for your brands then you must need to follow the modern rules of thumbs for SEO. First thing you must be unique in your Keyword research. Because it is the starting point of your successful race in SEO. Many of us loss the race just due to poor KW selection or we have no idea what exactly we are going to provide. So, in this short Article i will share 5 Best Keyword Research tools in 2015, you must need to use of you really want to get success in the world of SEO. Bellow KW research tools list is derived from many pro bloggers interviews. I have conducted bulk of interviews with pro bloggers and learn from then which tool or tools they are using for keyword research! So, if you really want to get successful like those one then you need to follow this article. we are not going to learn how to do KW research! we are going to learn about the tool which we must need to use in 2015 while doing keyword research. If you are looking for pro ways to do proper and perfect KW research then you must need to read How to do Proper Keyword Research for Organic SEO.

Google Rank Post on Fact not Links – What is Future of SEO ?

OMG! Google will not Consider Backlinks in future while ranking websites. SEO community Buzzing after publishing a Knowledge Based Trust PDF file by google scientist. According to Google Scientist “Google Rank Post on Fact not Links“. So, A big question arise here that. Now what is the Future of SEO is google Ignore backlinks. According to this PDF source “A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy“. Still google didn’t release any date when he rolled out this change. But i am damn sure SEO is going to change from grave. The main idea behind this change is google want to give chance to little business sites. Because we all know Backlinks is the backbone of SEO. If they built in well and natural manners. But most of the high authority sites rank their low quality content just by off-page. It is good when google stop following Backlinks as a ranking factor. you may also like to read 3 ways to determine Google Algorithm Updates.