Best Universities for Software Engineering in Pakistan

By | November 5, 2014

5 Best Universities for Software Engineering in Pakistan

From Last 5 year the scope of Computer science and Software Engineering increase rapidly in the Pakistan. No doubt to say in each and every department you will find computer as well as software. Basically computer has two main fields >> Hardware >> Software>>. Our mission is to find and spot out top 5 best Universities for software engineering in Pakistan for 2014 and 2015. But first i want to tell you something more about SE.

Software Engineering Field is only best for those who have interest in it. In many cases you took step into this field under the pressure of parents. But keep in mind this is the only one educational field in the world which want only work. If you know how to work then you will be a successful person instead of doing any job like me :P . If you did not know what tot do and how to do then remember you just get a Degree paper in 4 year, Nothing else.

Any how in this article we will not discuss anymore for Software engineering scope. Keep in mind never get admission in such university whose degree is not accredited by HEC as well as with NCEAC. For all computer programs make sure that your university is approved by HEC and NCEAC (National Computing Education Accreditation Council) as well. Don’t forget to check List of Top Software Houses in Pakistan.


Best Universities for Software Engineering in Pakistan []

Best Universities for Software Engineering in Pakistan []

top 5 HEC & NCEAC Accredited best universities for Software Engineering

1: COMSATS institute of Information technology :

COMSATS also known by its acronym CIIT, is a public research university in Pakistan. It is a multi campus institute with its main campus located in Islamabad. And it is also awarded by #1 IT University by HEC. It is the best and top university for BSCS, BSSE, BSIT. At this time this University name is not Listed in NCEAC but it will be definitely approve during this year.

2: University of Punjab PUCIT OLD Campus :

PUCIT old campus is at second number among top 10 best Universities for Software Engineering In Pakistan. It is the best ever university for Computer studies. Students of this universities will get jobs in the second last semester just for this university name. It is the W category university for Software and Computer science engineering from 2012.

3: GCUF (Govt College University Faisalabad) :

In HEC ranking list GCUF is listed in 4th position and in NCEAC is the the second best university after PUCIT for software engineering. I am also doing SE in this university. There are 3 SE teacher which i will suggest you to beware from them :P . Sir Khurram Zeeshan, Sir Touqeer, Sir Kaleem and Sir Yahya. Unfortunately in this semester i got 3 out of 4 :( . Please Pray for me :P .

4: NUST (National University of Science and Technology) :

NUST is the ideal university for science and technology students. Every one have desire to get admission into this university. Its aims to emerge as a comprehensive residential institution responsive to technological change, dedicated to excellence and committed to international educational and research needs of the country.

5: UET (University of Engineering and Technology) :

If you want me to suggest best Govt Sector University for Electrical as well as Mechanical engineering thenĀ  i will definitely suggest you to go for UET. But in terms of Software engineering UET is not bad. It is listed on top 5.

Note: HEC and Pakistan Engineering Counsel Warn again and again that, Before taking admission in any university for Software engineering Program please check its name in NCEAC and HEC. If its name is listed then your degree will be accepted for jobs. If not then never be a part of a scamming university. I see there are many universities which provide SE programs and scam money of students.

So what you think i missed to add in Best Universities for Software engineering in Pakistan. If you have any question feel free to comment us. We will suggest you and give you reasons. you may also like to read 2014 List of Top Software House in Lahore for Jobs.

Author: Tanvir Zafar

Tanvir Zafar is a internet Entrepreneur and owner of this site and many others as well. He is student in GCUF doing BS Software Engineering. :)

  • xh ameer

    bhai ya gcuf ki BS (SE) NCEAC say recognized hy ya nai?
    or is ki koi value hy ya nai?

  • Tauqir Hassan

    Please Bhai give your Facebook Profile link.

  • usmam

    can a person with bscs degree be a software engineer??

  • Hasan

    Sir I have been selected in Software engineering at comsats abbottabad. is it recognized by hec ,nceac ?

  • Roman Khan

    Bhai comsets isb ma software engineering (non engineering programe )ha to is ka matlab us ki degree ki value ni hogi.

    • brother COMSAT SE k name pe CS ker va rha hy.. engineering ki degree ni milla gi apko… better to go for BSCS in comsat.

  • Mustafa

    Admin which one is better BS(CS) from FAST Karachi or BE(SE) from Mehran Jamshoro? I want to make apps for Andriod/iOS/Windows. Please reply quick.

  • Hussain

    Bro mana request kar di ha fb par accept kar lo.

  • Hussain

    Bhai jaan muja ap ki id nai mil rahi?ap check kara ka ap ko request ai ha ka nai? Ager nai to ap mera id par request kar deayn mera id ka nam ha Hussain king. Aur iss ma meri pic lagi hoi ha aur background ma tree ha us per mera nam likha ha. Ok?

    • Very funny :)
      Just googlemy name bro. you will get my ID

  • Hussain

    Bahi ap ka apna name par ha fb id?

  • Hussain

    Internet par kam karna ka liya muja kon kon si languages ani chahiya? Plz tell me names of languages that I have to learn for this purpose?
    Bscs easy hoti ha ya bsse? Math kis ma zayada hota ha?
    Punjab university lahore ka entry test easy hota ha? Aur iss ka pattern kya hota ha?

    • Brother koi b language achi terha se learn ker lain ap esily earn ker skty hy. vase PHP ki demand bht hy internet pe.
      bhai easy kuch ni hota. ap ki mahnat pe sab depend kerta hy. SE mr theory ziada hoti hy.
      Entry test un logo k lia easy hy jinhoo ne tiari ki hy. google se privious paper nikal lo apko idea ho jae ga.

  • Hussain

    I just pass ics part 2 and I want to earn through internet to fulfil my educational needs plz plz help me in this regard?

    • brother there are many ways to earn from internet. let me know what skills do you have?
      contact me on FB i will help you. I love to help all but specially those who want to do something for their parents, education etc.

  • Hussain

    Punjab university lahore last year merit kya tha??

  • Hussain

    Ma punjab university lahore jana chahata hoon. Kya mera waha admission ho gay ga easily? Mera ics part 1 ma 458 marks haan…..plz tell me.

    • PU ka apna entry test hota hy.. vo pas ker lain ap ka admission ho jae ga.. apka first year me marks achy hy.

  • Hussain

    In which field I will earn more? Bscs or bsse?

    • When it comes to earning then bro you can earn huge from both fields. All need is to have skill and expertise.
      I am a Software Engg, and i am earning more than 1.5 lak per month just by sitting at home. and what i am doing is totally apart from my studies :).
      So, you just need to built skills. Dig deep into what you have and what you want to be.

  • Hussain

    What is difference between software codding and software development?

    • In whole software development only 15% work done by coders and they are mostly belongs to CS field. The rest 85% work done by software engineer. In a software development there are various options i.e software quality insurance, maintinace insurane, deployment, Managing, Stackholders, SRS and much more. You select one field and specialised in it for job.

  • Hussain

    Bscs or bsse which is best?
    Plz tell me about both these fields in detail and suggest me that what I have to do?

    • If you are good in codding or love codding then go with BSCS, If you want to learn software developemtn cycle then BSSE. In BSSE there is very small role of codding.

  • Hussain

    I want to ask a question in which I am very confused for a few days. I want to be an expert programer that can programe (games, bussinces softwares and all other types of softwares).
    I did not know that by studying bscs or se I get my aim plz plz help me.

    • If you want to be an codding expert then go with BSCS and keep in mind, slybus book wil not leads you towards heights. you need to work extra ordinary.

  • Owais Abid

    Salam bro
    Can you please tell me who can work better or more on online work like freelancer by students of cs or software engineering
    Can you please suggest me I have just done intermediate so in which field i have been paid more cs or software or just tell me which is more good

    • In CS, codding role is more then theoratical role. it means you have more chances to get codding jobs as a freelancer. But it is not neccesary my dear brother, you can earn huge without CS, or SE. If and only if you have skills.

  • Abdullah Shahneel

    you are doing Software Engineering from GCUF….how it is going?

    • I have done dear. And i had a good experience.

  • Abdullah Shahneel

    please ADMIN, update your info for the year 2016. please guide me about best university for Software Engineering in Pakistan, also it have recognized by HEC and NCAEC.

    • Above mention universities are recognized by hec and nceac. What i all suggest you to in this field, uni doesn’t matter, only skill and work matter. if you know how to work then you will rock else you will shock :)

  • Ali

    please tell me about fees of University of Punjab PUCIT OLD Campus???

  • Shahzad Khan

    Agr degree COMSAT sa ho ya UCP sa koe frk to ni pary ga na?
    Keo ka sara kaam apny skills ma hota hy

    • definitely…. work and skill is the only way to get success..

      • Abdul Hanan

        please tell me about expense of University of Punjab PUCIT OLD Campus???

  • Shahzad Khan

    What is the merit in BS Software engineering at Govt College University Faisalabad?

    • last merit list 70% pe end hoi thi…. bt yha admission ho jata hy.. :)

      • Shahzad Khan

        Wo ks thara?
        Mary 56% marks han inter ma kya mara admission hoo jay ga BS CS ma?

  • Shahzad Khan

    Is FAST better than COMSAT?

  • Shahzad Khan

    And what about University of Central Punjab (Lahore Campus)?

    • UCP is good in IT or CS….

      • Shahzad Khan

        Which one is more better FAST or UCP?

        • definitely, FAST

          • Shahzad Khan

            But I have 89% marks in matric and 56% in inter. So is it possible to get admission in FAST?

          • don’t think so… so they have very high merit.

          • Shahzad Khan

            What is that thing which made the FAST better choice than UCP?

          • name :) …

          • Shahzad Khan

            What do you mean by name?

          • means FAST university has more value or popular then UCP…

          • Shahzad Khan

            And there teaching is same?

          • source outlines are almost same for all universities…

          • Shahzad Khan

            And other things depend on students.

          • definately..