Beginners guide to Google Analytics How to Set Up GA

By | June 6, 2014

Beginners guide to Google Analytics.What is Google Analytics (GA) and how to Set Up GA Account?

Beginners guide to Google Analytics is a gift for webmaster to learn how they can utilize the Google’s free tools in brilliant manner.Many webmasters are very lazy and they don’t stuck their mind in searching.They want everything quickly.

In that purpose they ignore some pre defined rules and tools and go towards the black hat and finally they caught by google and google penalized them in today’s topic we will learn how we can set up analytics account.

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What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is a free service by google for webmaster to track their websites visitors and their behavior.

You can get live data of your site usage like how many user are online?From where they come,There city, Country as well as search queries.


How top set Up Google Analytics Account?Beginners guide to Google Analytics by Tanvir Zafar

  •     As i already told you it is a free service any webmaster can use it.You just need is to sign up for it from your gmail account.Sign Up
  •     Now Click on the “Access Analytics” blue button in the upper right corner of the page.
  •     Click on the “Add a new account” button in the upper right corner.
  •     Find the “Sign Up” button on the lower left corner.
  •     Fill out the information. (your site URL, account name, time zone etc.) after complete the information Click “Continue” button.
  •     Noe it will ask you to please accept the term and condition to use this tools.Click on accept and submit.
  • Now your account is successfully set up.Now the last thing is to add a java-script code into your websites head tag in order to start the tracking will look like this.
    Beginners guide to Google Analytics How to Set Up GA []

    Beginners guide to Google Analytics How to Set Up GA []

  •     Copy the JavaScript code given to you and paste it into your site.Fore WordPress user it is very easy they can use widget to add codes.And for blogger they also can use widget to add this code.
  •     after adding this code you can now track your visitor and flow of traffic on your site by logging in into your Google Analytics account.
  •     It is very important that the Google Analytics JavaScript code be pasted before the body tag (within the code) for every page in your website.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully created and implemented a Google Analytics account.Wait a couple minutes and re-visit your Google accounts to start seeing your site data.i hope Beginners guide to Google Analytics is useful for you.You may like to read What is Search Engine Optimization – Role of SEO in Marketing.

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