Homemade beauty tips for oily skin – How to get rid of Oily Skin

By | October 6, 2015

Homemade beauty tips for oily skin – How to get rid of Oily Skin – Say good bye to Oily Skin

As you all know Oily Skin is not always play a good rule in beauty of Women as well as men. Many of us want to get rid of this. Don’t worry i have some Homemade beauty tips for oily skin proved and tested by Zubaida Appa and Dr. Shaista Faroqi Dermatologist gold medalist. you may interested to read if you are Looking for best Dermatologist in Lahore – Skin Specialist.

They tell us how we can get rid of Oily skin. Now it is a time to say good bye to oily dark skin and say hello to beauty and attractive skin :) . There are many ways to Prevent from oily skin. you can use foundation. But Keep in mind never use any local or ordinary Product for this purpose because many of these products used Acid or Alcohol as well as any other burning chemical.

Try to used trusted company Foundation. Because Kaolin is used in foundations which is used to prevent the formation of excess oil on your face. don’t missed to read How to apply Foundation on Face Perfectly – Beauty Tips.


Homemade beauty tips for oily skin - How to get rid of Oily Skin [howpk.com]

Homemade beauty tips for oily skin – How to get rid of Oily Skin [howpk.com]

beauty tips for oily skin to get rid of it

1: I refer you to apply makeup little as possible, Because your Skin need to breathe Properly. If it did not get proper Breath then there are many chances to burn it as well as oil on it.

2: Clear your Face daily with any good whitening or face wash. I strongly prefer to use Clean and clear whitening face wash.

3: Use Blotting Paper instead of towel to absorb excess oil as well as water after washing face.

4: Try to use milky Soap instead of using local soap on face.Dove is the best soap for this purpose :) .

5: Most Important Avoid to eat too much Fatty foods. Eat lots of Green Vegetables as well as fruits.

6: Use Gram Flour at least 1 tine in a week. It is the best home made Foundation for oily skin.

These are the some homemade best beauty Tips for Oily Skin in  order to get rid of oily skin permanently. I hope you like this. If you have any other tested way to remove oil from face please share with us. You can comment us. We please to know your views and suggestion. If you like this article then read Best Skin lightening Products – 5 Skin Whitening Beauty Creams.

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