5 things to consider while selecting event for event blogging

By | April 28, 2016

Event Blogging Case Study – 5 Things to consider while selecting event for event blogging

As we all know blogging is the best way to earn huge money from the internet. But you must have to learn about blogging types i.e Niche blogging, News blogging, Event blogging etc. In this case study, You will learn about event blogging and the most important part “5 things to consider while selecting event for event blogging“. If you really want to do an event blog then this guide/case study will help you like miracle :).

The main purpose of doing event blogging is Earn huge money in no time. Yeah, it is true, by event blogging you can make thousands of dollars in just one day or few hours. What is an Event blog? Event blog is a short term blog, set-up to cover an event. For example, valentines day, New Year, Cultural event, festivals, sports etc. You can use these events for event blogging.

But it is not kinda easy as it sounds. Although event blogging is used to generate fast cash but it is too much difficult to rank event due to too many spammers as well as competitors. That’s why I decided to share a case study with you in which you can learn the major factors and some key points while selecting the event and some pro tips to rank your event blog :). Learn How to Make Money Online – 5 Ways to Earn Fast from Internet.

5 things to consider while selecting event for event blogging – Event blogging case study [howpk.com]

5 Things to consider while selecting event for your event blog:

  1. Event Selection (Most Important).
  2. Event Competition.
  3. Targeted Area (Select Wisely).
  4. Domain Name and Hosting Selection.
  5. Keywords, Competitors and Time (When to start).

All these factors are discussed as bellow:

Event Selection:

Event selection is the most important part in event blogging. Many event bloggers fail in event blogging just because they didn’t select the event wisdom and with proper research. That’s why I marked this point as most important factor.

Pro way to select an event:

First make a list of events, you can google about the events, ask with your friends, family members and other bloggers as well. After this now you need to separate the events which are closely related to you or you know that event/events. In my case, I have derived a list of events few are mention as bellow:

  • New Year
  • Valentines Day
  • Friendship Day
  • Eid/Ramadan
  • Sports (Cricket, Football, Baseball, Snooker etc)
  • Much more

Now you have to take a look at your list twice or more to check which event is more related to you and you have enough knowledge about that event. I selected New Year and it was New Year 2016. This is the first part of selecting the event. Once you did great with this first part then time to move toward second part (Event Competition).

Event Competition (be wiser):

Once you decide the event, Now you have to check its competition. Be more targeted with your event searches. It didn’t mean at all that you have to target the main keyword. Check competition of event with respect to its phases i.e. in my case I check the competition for happy new year quotes, happy new year greeting cards, New Year promotion etc. Main part here is, You have to select one out of these. Because it is easy to rank one long tail instead of we target the whole event. If you are expert and have successful experience about event blogging then you can target all phases as well. I have selected New Year 2016 greeting card as the main keyword. And yeah it really has a good search volume.

how to select event blog niche wisely [howpk.com]

how to select event blog niche wisely [howpk.com]

Targeted Area:

Oh my GOD, I have to to merge event competition and targeted area. Because both are very close to each other. In this step, you need to check which area you want to target.

Maybe you want to target your native country but in my case, I select the targeted area as the United States. Because it has high CPC and high search volume. One more reason, I was also doing CPA on that event blog :).

I want to harvest more fields with one machine :P. One more thing while checking the competition, don’t forget to select that selected target area in order to derive results from that specific area.

Many people check the competition broadly or worldwide and this will lead them to failure.

Geo targeted area for event blogging [howpk.com]

Geo targeted area for event blogging [howpk.com]

Domain Name and Hosting Selection:

More time taking part in blogging is to select a good and relevant Domain name. In event/micro niche blogging, EMD (Exact match domain) plays a vital role. Sad thing is, it is almost impossible to get EMD for an event. The reason is, bloggers and brokers already bought those domains :(.

It doesn’t really mean that you can’t rank or bank without EMDs. You can register a domain which is close to your main keyword or you can use the hyphens, numbers or extra characters with EMDs. TLD (top level domain) selection is also a big factor in this part.

EMD and TLD while selecting event for event blogging [howpk.com]

EMD and TLD while selecting event for event blogging [howpk.com]

Hosting for event blogs:

If you want to target an event with huge search volume then you need a powerful hosting which can handle xxxxx real-time users because in event blogging thousand of people are on your blog in real time if you got ranked on any good keyword. Learn Advance Features to determine while Buying Hosting.

Tip: Use Blogger Platform rather than WordPress as Blogger platform will help you rank your posts well on top and in no time.

Keywords, Competitors and Time:

It is the last part of event blogging and believe me your efforts depend on this part. It is not something that I need to explain, you know very well what you need to do in this part.

Keywords: Select Keywords wisely. Always target Long tail keywords and use LSI term in your article. Here some great tools for keyword research.  Learn How to do Proper Keyword Research for Organic SEO.

Competitors: Check your competitors site daily and noticed that what they are doing. Surely you need to make a good plan to beat them. Check their backlink profiles as we all know backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Always go for quality because Quality matter more than Quantity in Backlinking.

Time: Ahm! Ahm! When to start your event blog? it is a question which is commonly asked by bloggers or newbies. the answer is “It is totally depend on event competition”. If the competition is kinda high then start blog 4 to 5 month before the event date. If it is a micro event then 1 month is enough.

Final Words:

Event blogging is the fasted blogging method to earn huge money in no time. But in order to succeed in event blogging, you need to follow this guide :). Yes, I am talking about 5 thins to consider while selecting the event for event blogging. I hope you like my case study, feel free to share it. If you have any question regarding event blogging, feel free to ask it.

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