5 Common Off-Page SEO Mistakes We Should Avoid

By | June 17, 2016

5 Biggest Common Off-Page SEO Mistakes reported in 2015-2016

Howdy! In this article we will learn about 5 Common Off-Page SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them. When it comes to SEO, We believe that more than 50% SEO role is done by Off-page. Off-page is all about backlinks point to your site. The more backlinks pointed to your site means the more trusted your site will be on Google and other major Search Engine’s eyes. And Definitely, you will have more chances to get in SERP. But it doesn’t mean at all that making bulk of backlinks will take you on top ranking positions.

I have read many threads and comments, People saying they are losing ranking as well as the trust by making backlinks. They are very conscious to know why it is happening! Whereas they have learnt the more backlinks you have the better ranking you will gain. As Google and other major Search Engines also agreed on this statement then why this is happening? Learn How to get Dofollow backlink from Amazon – PR 8 Backlinks.

In regards to such questions and comments, I decided to put the green light on this scenario with respect to my blogging experience and case studies. Here are some major off-page SEO mistakes you should need to avoid while making backlinks. Let me tell you one thing first, Only backlinks or Off-Page SEO will not lead you towards good ranking in many cases. On-Page and In-Site SEO is also very important. If you want to stay on top for long term then you must need to focus on On-Page and In-Site SEO too.

5 Common Off-Page SEO Mistakes We Should Avoid [howpk.com]

5 Common Off-Page SEO Mistakes We Should Avoid [howpk.com]

5 Off-Page SEO Mistakes you should avoid for better results:

1: Irrelevant Links:

Newbies always try to get rank fast. For this purpose, they usually asked questions to pro bloggers. In answer, they will get a resultant statement “Backlinks plays vital role”. Yeah, it is true but relevancy is the key to success. Newbies have no idea about relevancy and they don’t even care about it. They only know one thing and that is “We have to make backlinks, Backlinks and only backlinks”.

They made thousands of backlinks, comment backlinks, forum links, seed links, tiers and much more. Without checking whether they are relevant to their site or niche or not. Finally, they got Google slap (Penalty). Let me give you an example. Suppose you have a site on dog food niche and you are making backlinks from a Technology related site. Although the site has great authority but you will not get the SEO juice because it is irrelevant to your site and will leads you to penalty. You may also like to read How to Get DoFollow Backlinks from Facebook.

Tips: Always try to get relevant links. I link from less authority but relevant site will give you more benefit than a link from an irrelevant high authority site.

2: Anchor Text Variation:

The text, Phase or statement which you use as a link-text is known as Anchor text. I can see bloggers are still using old days techniques. Those old funky days are gone when we use same anchor text to get rank. Making links with same anchor text will defiantly lead you towards penalty. With Hummingbird Update, Google introduces a new way to get queries index and rank, which is known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). I used Data Mining word for this.

Tips: Use variation in your Anchor text. You can use LSI keywords for your anchor text. I have the best ratio for Anchor text variation:
Make 30% exact match Anchor Text Backlinks.
Make 30% Naked URL Backlinks.
Make 40% LSI keywords Backlinks.

3: Paid Links:

Are you buying backlinks! Stop buying it, Google is now evil for those who are buying paid links to get better rank. There are thousands of sellers available in Online Marketplaces tends to sell high authority paid links. It is the biggest mistake if you buy links. Google is smarter than you, and removing the site entirely from index engine once it detects paid link propaganda running on any site. You may interested to read What is Tier Link Building – Importance of Tier Linking.

Tips: Make you content well enough that other bloggers link you back without asking. Stay connected with other bloggers in your niche and ping them once you publish a new post. Be active on their sites so that they will active on your site too.

4: Underestimate HomePage and PostPage Link Ratio:

You never buy links, you have relevant links and quality content but still your are not at the top! I am Afraid, you are not utilising the linking ratio properly. What I mean to say, it is not necessary now to make backlinks for the single page if you want to get rank. Many bloggers make backlinks from a specific page and got penalised. First, check your backlinking profile and must check your homepage. How many links it have their dofollow and nofollow links ratio. Make sure your HomePage links are always greater than any nested page or post page links.

Tips: To reduce the chances of penalty maintain the link ratio 60:40 for homepage and postpage links. Chances of getting the penalty are more if your homepage profile is less trustful than the specific page It leads Google to focus more on your specific page and look into it for any type of spamming technique.

5: Backlinks Diversity and Frequency:

Least but not last, Backlinks Diversity and Frequency are the matrix which tell Google and other search engines about your off-page techniques. Whether you are spamming the world or working naturally this will make Search Engine easier to understand. It is a big mistake even done by pro bloggers too. They didn’t maintain the frequency and diversity of backlinks. For example, If you built 5 backlinks a week then make 7 or 8 on next week, keep growing each week and so on. I have noticed people stopped to make more backlinks once they got their article on top position. This is not a good way. It gives an idea to search engine that the article trust and worth are started going.

Tips: Have ranked in SERP, Keep making backlinks make this position for the long term.

Final Words:

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, but keep in mind Quality matters a lot than quantity. Don’t try to do black hat, you will never get great results for the long term. Also never forget to make nofollow backlinks, Although nofollow backlinks don’t pass the link juice but it reduce the chances of penalty as well. I hope you like these common off-page seo mistakes and also have learnt how to avoid them. What you think I missed mentioning? Feel free to share your views with me.

Author: Tanvir Zafar

Tanvir Zafar is a internet Entrepreneur and owner of this site and many others as well. He is student in GCUF doing BS Software Engineering. :)