3 ways to determine Google Algorithm Updates

By | February 9, 2015

How to Determine Google Algorithm Updates – Here are 3 best and proven ways to check if Any serious Google Update going on or not.

This article is sticky published for Webmaster or bloggers. As we all know google is the world most using Search engine. As a webmaster or a blogger, it is always our first choice to rank our posts and article (websites or blogs) on google instead of any other search engine like yahoo, yandex, ask, bing etc. It doesn’t means that we no need to optimize our website for yahoo, bing, yandex and ask. I use this sentence to just tell you the value and difference of search engine as a blogger sight. But while ranking our site or post we missed a lot of factors to include or which must be kept in mind while publishing post and when any update come from google (Normally known as Algorithm Update) like Panda, Penguin, PBN Update, Pirate Update etc, we lost huge traffic and don’t know how to recover it :( .

But in this article we will not go too much deep in optimization and algorithm factors. In this post you will learn How to Determine google algorithm Updates. By reading this article you can check anytime, anywhere what is going on and what will be going to happened with google algorithm or updates.

Basically google shuffle its two algorithms frequently and many times which are known as (panda and Penguin). Bellow i have mentioned what are they and how they effect our blogs. you might also like to read What is Search Engine Optimization – Role of SEO in Marketing.

3 ways to determine Google Algorithm Updates [howpk.com]

3 ways to determine Google Algorithm Updates [howpk.com]

Learn : How to Check is there any Google is going on or arrived

As i already told you there are two algorithms which update more frequently (some time 5 time in a single month :( ). These algorithms knows as Panda and Penguin. When Panda Update rolled out it target the website in optimization level. i.e Duplicate content, Keyword Stuffing, Over Optimization, Thin Content etc (it deals with On-Page factors). On the other Hand, When Penguin algo rolled out then it target website as per their back linking Profile (it deals with Off-Page Factors like backlink profile, Dofollow, no-Follow, Quality of Backlinks, Spamy links etc). If you are using WordPress then Don’t miss to read How to delete uncategorized Category in WordPress.

3 Killer ways to Determine Google Algorithm Updates

Without knowing what is going on with algorithm we can’t recover our website. So, First we need to Determine what type of google Animal is coming or arrived in the City :P . For this purpose many of pro-blogger always use some tools. these Tools are mention bellow with their functionality. If you really want to learn then you must need to check out these tools as well as ways. Don’t worry all methods are free :) .

1: Algoroo : What is Algoroo?

Algoroo is a Google algorithm tracking tool developed by Dejan SEO. Their system monitors roughly 17,000 keywords to 100 search positions deep and looks for fluctuations. Both negative and positive movement is added up to create a single SERP flux metric we call “roo”. High roo value indicates a high volatility in Google’s search results. Low roo value is usually displayed on an ordinary day, unlikely to be affected by any algorithmic changes at Google. You may also like to check How to Get DoFollow Backlinks from Facebook.

3 ways to determine Google Algorithm Updates [howpk.com]

3 ways to determine Google Algorithm Updates [howpk.com]

2: MozCast : What is MozCast?

MozCast is a weather report showing turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous day (or see the 5-day history on the left). The hotter and stormier the weather, the more Google’s rankings changed. If Mozcast temperature is  70° then it is normal there is not any serious thing going on. If it touch to 80° or more then understand that there is serious update going on.
This tool so design, develop and maintain by MOZ. One more tool which moz provide to determine google Algorithm Updates is Its MOZ algo change page. You can check it out from here.

how to check is there any serious Update is going on by google (MozCast) [howpk.com]

how to check is there any serious Update is going on by google (MozCast) [howpk.com]

3: SEO blogging Community, Forums and SEO related Blogs :

This is my last and best ever method to determine as well as to learn how to recover fro it too :) . This is best way because it will learn you various things, Experts Opinions, Tools, and much more. So, always try to join the SEO community and forums like blackhatworld, Searchenginelad, MOZ forum and other local SEO blogs. Contact with them and discuss you problem with them.

TOP SEO Community, Forums and blogs to determine google Algorithm Updates [howpk.com]

TOP SEO Community, Forums and blogs to determine google Algorithm Updates [howpk.com]

Don’t Be SHY! Ask Freely :

I hope you have know lean how to determine google algorithm Updates and arrivals. Feel free to share this with your friend and SEO community. If you have any question regarding this, Feel free to comment. If you need guide or assistant feel free to contact us. We will guide you in all manners. If you want to hire our team for any seo or developing related projects, feel free to Contact us. you might also interested to read What are Meta Tags – Importance of Meta Tags in SEO 2014.

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