Winter Vacation start from 19 December to 4 January

After the very sad terrorist incident, Government of Punjab bring a happy news for Students as well as government servants :) . Punjab Govt Announce Winter vacations start from 19 December and all Govt schools, Colleges as well as Universities in Punjab will remain closed till 4 January 2015 :) . On the other hand Provincial government has announced winter vacations in the government schools will remain closed till 3rd of January. Notification of the vacations has been issued :) . As we all know the Intensity of cold is too much high from last 1 week. Federal government has also announced the vacation schedule. Schools under federal government will remain closed from 25th of December to 31st. Did you know Taliban Attack on Army school 140 students martyred in attack :( . Watch full video and report of Peshawar attack from Terrorist Attack on Army School – 123 children killed.

Terrorist Attack on Army School – 123 children killed

Today is the saddest day in the History of Peshawar. Terrorist attack on Army School Near the provincial headquarters of the Election Commission in Peshawar. . The school is situated at Warsak Road and administrated by Pakistan Army. Extra Curricular activities are going on in Army Public School while 8 to 10 terrorist dressed the uniform of security forces Climbed on the wall of building and started open fire. Almost 126 people with 123 Children are martyred in the attract. When Security Forces get informed about firing they surrounded the area immediately and started operation against terrorist. Due to Gunfire and explosions 126 people have killed so far, including 123 children are enrolled in school. 3 blocks of school have been cleared, 5 terrorists were killed during the operation, while the survivors have been limited to the last blocks. you may also like to read Al Qaeda Leader Adnan Lashkari Killed in South Waziristan.

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5 biggest and most beautiful Mosques in the world

Masques is the place for Muslims community where they offer prayer. Muslims get together and pray for their forgiveness as well as help from Almighty Allah. It is also known as Masjid. In masjid all people are equal. No one is richer or poor, no one is big or small in masjid. Islam gives equal rights to everyone in the base of Color, cost, riches as well as poorness :) . Here is the list of top 5 biggest and most beautiful Mosques in the world. If you can afford then you must travel and visit such masjids :) . There are so many beautiful mosques founded in many countries specially in Pakistan the native homeland for Muslims :) . All these look stunning from the outside and you are lucky enough to be a Muslim if you have visited some of the interior. When we talk about beautiful Mosques in the world then we can’t mention their name as a whole. because there are billions of awesome designed mosques which will make your breathless :) . but here will will checkout the most beautiful and famous historical mosques in the universe :) . you may also like to read Bermuda Triangle in Islam – What is History of Bermuda Triangle.

How to get DoFollow Backlinks from Forums

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, If they are created by natural ways then they will definitely increase your SERP. In this regards Forums links always plays vital role to increase PA as well as DA of any websites. but it is kinda difficult to get Dofollow backlinks from forums now a days. Becasue Most the forums have high PR like 4,5,6 even 7 and 8 as well as PA, DA :) . And surely they did not ready to give you dofollow backlink easily. you need to make your profile rank better in any forum in order to get backlinks :) which is somewhat a long tern procedure. But Now you no need to take worry about it :) . Because in this article i will tell you my dirty trick of how i get do follow backlinks from high PR forums as well as content sharing websites just after make an account :) . Means now you no need to make your profile rank better and more better in order to achieve some high quality backlinks from it. you may also like to read how to get Backlink and traffic from imgur without SEO.

Bruce Lee appear in Afghanistan watch Video

Bruce Lee Appear in Afghanistan Video shocked the people. A Afghan young man look same as Brusli Created waves by his pictures and Videos on internet. According to foreign news agency a Hazara tribe of Afghan bearing 20-year-old named as Abbas Alizadeh Upload the Kung Fu Champion Bruce Lee imitating and identical pictures and videos to social networking site on the internet which has caused shock on the internet. Abbas Alizaid said that i want to become a champion and Hollywood superstar. He added that i am very happy to listen such news about my country in good words. He said mostly my country name is used just for war :( . Keep in mind Abbas is belongs to a very poor family in Afghanistan and his family as well as friends use to called him “Hazara Bruce”, But he wants that people called him as afghan Bruce instead of Hazara Bruce :) . you may also like to read Al Qaeda Leader Adnan Lashkari Killed in South Waziristan.