how to Change Apache Port 8080 – Apache not running in xampp

Today i have a great post for you about “how to Change Apache Port 8080 if Apache not running in xampp server“. In many causes when you install Xampp server to you local host (windows), sometimes you may get error while starting Apache like you system already use port 80 and 334 etc.Or other program is running on the same port which force your Apache server to stop. The reason is mostly we have Skype install in our systems which use the port 80 by default.that’s why Apache server did not start its working.
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Surah Yasin In English – Learn What Quran Say In Surah Yasin

Learn What Quran Say In “Surah Yasin In English“. Here is the full Translation Of SURAH YASIN in English.
every one want to make his life easy and in this purpose you must have to spend your life according to Islam and Quran.May ALLAH Bless you. :)

Top 10 ways you can get traffic statistics on your website

Every blogger, website owner or co-owner is always interested in knowing how many visits it has in a day; within hours or at least per week or monthly, in eight week or a decade curiosity grows all time long. Every person wants to weigh how much its site is delivering, either to a large percentage or the other means. Oh sure! Even I as a visitor on some sites still get curiosity aches in wanting to know more than just the interface or the content, in knowing how many billions (if the site is a popular site), or just a random stumbled site that its content or interface lures me more to learn more.

Either way, I bet I am not speaking alone, but for a larger percentage, bloggers, website owners, and similarly persons like myself a third party observer of interest, that’s why I’m going to discuss how my curiosity training made me discover some, which I am similarly going to open our minds on “Top 10 ways you can get traffic statistics on their website.” Ready to unveil the knowledge?

Eid UL Adha Islamic Festival 2016 – All about Eid in Islam

As we all know Eid UL Adha is one of the biggest Islamic Festival Proudly celebrated by Muslims from all around the world. So, in this article we will learn all about Eid UL Adha Islamic Festival. How Muslims Celebrate this festival with great delight. The Greater Eid commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to ALLAH and ALLAH’s mercy in putting a lamb in Ishmael’s place at the last moment. Eid also marks the end of Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia undertaken by about 1.5 million Muslims. Bellow are some Eid SMS, Quotes links as well as Eid UL Adha 2014 latest trending pictures. For Eid UL Adha wearing and Design read New Dress Design 2014 in Pakistan – EID Dresses.