Sulman Khan Slapped By Pak Army is a Hoax and Fake

It has been seen for last week that a news spread viral on Social media as well as Rumors website that Sulman Khan slapped By Pak Army. But this is not happened in real life. Some Rumors and spammers spread news in order to get click as well as visitors. They did not think what effect act upon their personalities as well as character.

On confirmation we come to now that this is a fake news and a type of Hoax. Sulman did not got slapped by Army officer. Rumors says that Sulman was Crossing the Pakistani border but he got caught by a Pakistani Soldier and then he got slapped. It is fake and nonsense news.

Salman Khan was arrested and beaten by Pakistani soldier while crossing border without legal documents but the incident never took place in reality. He was just make shooting for his upcoming Movie and this was a scene :). Bellow is the video of the incident. you might also like to read Sulman Khan Arrested in Car Accident case | Bollywood News.

A.S Dileep Kumar Embrace Islam – Oscar Winning Singer

Days by Days people from different religions are converting to Islam. Today i have a same news, Famous Indian Singer and Oscar Winner A.S Dileep Kumar Embrace Islam and start spending his life according to Islamic rules and laws. In an interview, Dileep Kumar said that he was no forced for this act. It is my heartily desire to be a Muslim and live my life according to Islam. We are all humans and must have spirit to help each other. There is no one rick and poor, no one is Big or small in distinction of Height, Color, Wealth and health. The only one thing which make man perfect or superior from other and that is his morality :) . After Accepting Islam A.S Dileep Kumar changed his name to A.R Rahman :) . Bellow is his full story, why Dileep Kumar Converted to Islam and from where the light of Islam glow up in his Heart :) . you might also interested to read Mamta Kulkarni Converted to Islam – Indian Famous actress.

Trick to Speed Up PTCL EVO 3.1 Wingle 3g Speed

Dear Valuable readers i hope you all are good and enjoying all tips and tricks of my site. Today i will share a trick to speed up PTCL EVO internet speed (Wingle and 3.1). Many of us are using EVO devices for internet. Many of us did not get full speed as mentioned in our package. But now you no need to take worry anymore :). Because you are at right place here i will show you how we can increase our PTCL EVO 3.1 as well as 3G Wingle Speed easily without any software. Basically it is not a trick, It is a specific configuration which you need to do for your EVO and you will see a huge increase in speed like rocket :) . Bellow is the step by step guide for proper configuration in order to get full speed. you might also like to read PTCL Charji EVO Packages Price – high speed PTCL EVO.

Check How Many Sim’s are registered on your CNIC

As well all know in last of 2014 we have lost many children due to terrorism. Now Govt decide to block and verify all the sim’s again by biometric system. Unfortunately In Pakistan, there is no any rule and regulation while registering sim. If anyone have your CNIC then he can register sim against your CNIC and use it or illegal purpose. So, in this post i will share a tool which will help you a lot. Now you can check How many sim’s are registered on your CNIC at home :) . This service is totally free and you no need to go franchise or support center for this purpose. You just need to enter your CNIC Number and we will generate a report which will tell you how much sins are issued against your CNIC in all networks like warid, Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor as well as Zong. you might also like to read how to get FREE Telenor MMS settings for Mobile in Pakistan.

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died on 23 JAN 2015

According to media reports, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz was hospitalized after being ill for several weeks, He was infected with lung infection and was given artificial respiration. And Today on 23 January 2015, Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Has Died (MAY ALLAH PLACE HIS SOUL IN REST “AMEEN”). The Funeral Prayer of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz is offered in Jamia Mosque Imam Turki bin Abdullah after Asar prayer. In addition to The royal families, heads of many countries are also expected to attend the Funeral prayer. After the Death of King Abdullah the crown Prince of Saudi Arab is Sulman Bin ABDULAZIZ. Now we never see Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz anymore in our life, He is really a moral of justice in Saudia. you might also interested to get FREE Telenor MMS settings for Mobile in Pakistan.

FREE Telenor MMS settings for Mobile in Pakistan

Finally i have gotten a beautiful MMS trick :) . I know many of you are here to learn how you can get unlimited telenor MMS free. You no need to take worry anymore because you are at right place. In this article i will share my FREE Telenor MMS Settings trick, by using this trick you can send unlimited free MMS in all over the Pakistan without single penny :) . There are many tricks and setting on other website but all are outdated and expired. But this one is working awesome and will never goes expired :) . So, as i already told, Now you no need to take worry anymore. Trick is simple and kinda easy. you just need to make some changes while MMS configuration and you are done. Keep in mind this trick is only for Telenor Users/Subscribers. Other network trick will be revealed soon. you might also like to Check Online Telenor Call History free Self care Service.