Lieutenant Colonel Tahir Azeem Killed in Peshawar

OMG! Pakistan Army Lt Colonel Tahir Azeem killed in Peshawar today. According to the preliminary Police Report, “Lieutenant Colonel Tahir Azeem was going to home from the mosque after noon prayer. When he come out from the mosque some undefined motorcyclist opened fire on them”. He was carried to Hayatabad Medical Complex for treatment but he could not survive (RIP). According to Police, the attackers have been fled from the scene when they arrive. Just after Police arrival on the spot they cordoned off the area. He was stationed in Rawalpindi and came to Peshawar to visit his relatives. According to the police report, the incident may be the result of family feud. He came to Peshawar to attend a wedding and was targeted near Abaseen Market. you might also interested to read Who are Houthi Rebels in Yemen ? History of Houthis.

Who are Houthi Rebels in Yemen ? History of Houthis

Today we will cover some major aspects of Saudi-Yemeni War/Conflicts. We will learn who are Houthi Rebels in Yemen? Where they come from and what exactly they want ? Houthi Rebels are the Tribesmen Belongs to a branch of Shia Zaidi (running Govt from several years in Yemen). In 2004, the Houthi Shia leader badar uddin united the tribes and began an armed struggle against the government. Then the Government Decide to start a army operation against Houthi Rebels and they did in 2004. In result of this the Badar Uddin was killed and now Abdul Malik Houthi is the leader of Houthi Rebels in Yemen. In 2004, when war was raging between Houthis and Yemeni soldiers, then Huthi took over the major area of Province Sada. Then the Clashes Begun in Haja, Umran, Aljawaf and the Saudi Province Jizan. On this The Saudi forces entered Yemen and started assistance Yemeni military operation against Houthis. you may also interested to read Successful test launch of Shaheen III ballistic Missile.

Yemen Conflicts – War with Saudi Arabia

OMG! Air Strikes started from Saudi Arabia, Almost 100 aircraft took part in the strike and almost 22 people have been killed. Let me tel you its all about Yemen Conflicts with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia began air strikes in Yemen on Thursday to defend the government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi from advancing Huthi rebels. On the other hand i don’t think so that Pakistan should take part in this war. Pakistan army in past has successfully helped crush a rebellion against Jordan on the request of Jordanian government and nothing bad happened afterwards as far Pakistan relationship with PLO are concerned. Also Pakistan has helped many Arab states get Independence from colonial powers back in fifties for which these Arab states are so much obliged. This time again Arab countries are in deep crisis and Pakistan has the capabilities not only to guide but physically help them get out of crisis. I’m of the view that Pakistan must send its army to SA to show solidarity with Islamic Block. Pakistan must lead the Islamic block. you may also like to read Palestine Israel Conflict – Palestine History and Issue.

OMG! Facebook going to Launch 3D Video Service

OMG! Facebook Rocks, CEO of Facebook Mark Zukerberg is very pleased to announced in a Conference held in Fransisco that, they are going to provide 3D video animation service to their users free of cost. According to Mark, “Facebook going to Launch 3D Video Service, named as Spherical Video“. By using this service you can enjoy games as well as videos in 3D mode at all angles. The video will be filmed by at least 24 cameras and you can watch it at different angles. Videos of 360 degree will be included in Facebook News Feed, it would be possible to watch the video at all the angles. Users will be able to pan around the video with their mouse cursor. With this move, Facebook brings its VR abilities to the newsfeed. While the spherical video doesn’t really make much difference on your flat screen monitor, watching it using the VR headset will ensure a 360 degrees spherical video feel as if you are right there. you may also like to read Best way of download facebook videos without Software.

Massive Win Against India, Australia face the Kiwis in WC Final

Two Big teams will played final in MCG on Sunday.

The WC second semi final match, Australia prove himself at home ground, India are shut down and have to go back home. At Sydney Cricket Ground the crowd was awesome as always expected to support Indian Team but Indian fans seems disappointing when they saw a big total of 328 on the board by Aussies. Australian batsman Steve Smith score his first WC 2015 century against India and built a big partnership of 182 runs with Aaron Finch which is not in form but score 81 runs and proved himself a big player that shows his power in big game. India have to chase a big total of 328 in 50 overs but India is confident as they have a strong batting line. The start was Indian inning is good as they score 76 runs without any loss in 12.4 overs then indian batting line struggled as Dhawan out and then the whole team will out of the total of 233 and that is Massive Win Against India, Australia face the Kiwis in WC Final . The Aussies are very happy as they beat the defending champions India in the semi final of the World Cup 2015. Two Big teams will played final in MCG on Sunday and both are motivated to win the World Cup 2015. For more news related to WC 2015 you may also like to visit World Cup Second Semi Final : Who Will Face Kiwis.

World Cup Second Semi Final : Who Will Face Kiwis

Tomorrow in Sydney Cricket Ground the second semi final between Australia and India will Played. Both teams are strong as batting point of view but India seems little bit weak by bowling side but Indian bowlers Shami and Yadav both are in form and it will be the tough match between these two world class teams. Indian skipper is happy with his team performance throughout the tournament as they are still unbeatable, On the other hand Clark says that his team on a roll and he will defends his captaincy. Maxwell and Watson scoring runs but we never take India weak as they were the defending champions. Indian player Rohit says that they will not scare from bowling attack of Australia. They are playing a good cricket in the tournament and confident to defend their title to win the cup and repeats the history. Anyhow time decided, World Cup Second Semi Final:Who Will Face Kiwis in final. New Zealand already qualify for ICC Cricket World Cup final after beating the in form team South Africa and alarms that they were the best in the tournament and will prove after winning the trophy.For more tags related to WC 2015 you may like to visit All Predictions proved false-Aussies are in semi final.