Happy Valentines Day History Of Valentines – Islamic View

On 14 Feb of Every Year we Celebrate Valentine’s day.We say “Happy Valentines Day” to each other.Do you know what is the History of Valentines and its Islamic View?In this post i will tell you the brief History of this day.
in Islamic Point of view It is totally Haram.

Online vehicle registration verification by Punjab MTMIS

Be Alert! Before buying any Used Vehicle from any Unknown person, please make sure to get registration as well as Vehicle verification data. Make sure the owner and registration of the vehicle meets with Punjab Motor Transport Management Information System Details. Punjab MTMIS Provide Facility to check Online Vehicle Registration Verification. Now you can get the all details about the Vehicle Owner as well as Vehicle easily as home. What you need to do is, Just put the Vehicle Number, Punjab MTMIS system will show you its registration date, Owner name, Car Specifications (Engine Number, Chasis Number, Registration Number, Maker Name, Actual Price) and the Owner details. Good thing is that, you can also get Vehicle registration information on your mobile in few seconds :) . Bellow is the detail of both methods mobile as well as for Mobile. Did you Want to Bypass facebook Photo Verification ?.

Check your LESCO Bill Online – Print Duplicate Electricity Bill

Assalam O Alaikum friends, I hope you all are good. Today i am going to share a very useful tool with you. By using this tool you can check your LESCO Bill Online :) . Now you no need to go Electric Office again and again for Duplicate bill. Sometimes you did not receive bill at time and some extra charges will apply on your bill (fine). No one wants to pay extra (especially me) :P . If you are also looking for such tool then you are at right place and no more need to search. Here you can check and download your Previous or current Electricity Bill Online. And one more good thing is this service is totally free and available any time. Many merchants have this service and they are collecting huge money from customer in order to give them duplicate bill. So, now you no need to pay a single coin for this. You might also interested to Check SSGC Bill Online – Download Sui Gas Duplicate Bill.

Check SSGC Bill Online – Download Sui Gas Duplicate Bill

Hello valuable reader! Today i have great tool to share with you. Many of us get worried when out SUI gas bill did not arrived on time and lost by chance :( . But now you no need to take worry anymore because Now you can Check SSGC Bill Online :) . Yes after receiving too many request we decide to share a online tool with you by using this tool you can Print out or Download your Sui Gas Duplicate Bill without any cost :) . Yes it is totally free and you no need to go Sui Gas office or elsewhere for this purpose. You can use this from home and can Download your Bill in seconds. What you all need to do, Just check the 10-digit customer Number (written on the Gas Bill, You can check it from previous one). Put that number in the Tool shared bellow and Click on View button. It will grab out the Duplicate copy of bill for Print :) . you may also like to Check PTCL Telephone Bill Online – Download Duplicate Bill.

Check PTCL Telephone Bill Online – Download Duplicate Bill

Now you can check your PTCL bill online – Download your Telephone or DSL broadband duplicate bill copy now Howdy! In Pakistan, PTCL is the most widely used telephonic network. It is used in homes, offices, schools and almost everywhere. As it is monthly based subsciption so we all have to pay the bill on each month. If… Read More »

Best Way To Minimize Large Pores Naturally

Every human being has pores on his/her skin. These are small dots on your skin, actually the opening of hair follicles. Every day we all are battling with dirt, pollution and sunlight, but if you have oily skin and acne-prone skin then keeping our skin span is quit hardworking. We all have pores but some have larger pores due to some reasons such as: