Easy way to change your IP Address in Windows XP, 7

Here we go. In many cases we need to change our IP address in order to access some blocked websites like youtube and other major informative sites. And for this purpose we use proxies, Install heavy tools on our PC and sometime we use Paid VPN to done this job. But in today’s Article i will told you the easy way to change your IP Address :) . By this method you will easily lean how to change your Dynamic IP address in just 1 minute without installing any heavy or paid application on your system :) . But! But! But! Keep in mind this trick will only helps you to change your Dynamic IP address not your ISP / IP address. By using this trick you can change your IP as well as Browsing location of your desire :) . Bellow is the full guide to done this job. you may also like to read Microsoft Stop Production and Selling of Windows 7, 8.

best dermatologist in Karachi – top Skin Specialist

If you are living in Karachi and having the issue or any disease with your skin then you should definitely take an appointment to a skin specialist. Although there are thousands of skin doctors in Karachi but few are best in their work. Here I will share a list of 5 Best dermatologist in Karachi with their education record as well as clinic address.

A dermatologist is a medical expert (skin specialist), you should consult if you have any significant problem with your skin. Dermatology is the science that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails.

Skin is the most sensitive part of human body, it must be looked charming and attractive. Never go with cheap and 3rd class skin doctors, they will spoil your skin and you can’t even retain it back. If you really very serious with your skin then you should need to go with any of these 5, which I have mentioned bellow. If you are looking for best skin specialist in Islamabad then read Top 5 Dermatologist in Islamabad 2015 Review.

how to record screen with vlc media player

What are you using for recording your Screen or desktop? BB Flash Back, Camcorder, Can Studio, Ezvid or any other paid or trail software :( . Today i will teach you how to record screen with VLC Player instead of these heavy and paid software :) . Surprise! yeah i know because many of us never think that VLC also can do such job. But Fortunately, it is true.VLC is not just for listening song, and watch movies You can also easily Record your Streaming as well as PC Screen by VLC Media Player. Now you don’t need to buy heavy and expensive tool to done this job. Bellow is the Step by step guide to do this. You may also like to read How To Recover Deleted Partition or Drive in Windows.

How to Move a Website from One server to Another

is is very sticky post. In this post we will learn how to move a website from one server to another without losing data as well as google ranking. First we will discuss why we need to migrate a wordpress or other site from one server to other server? There would be many reasons to do so. May be your previous server or hosting is poor. May be your server did not support your website or your website is more heavy then server requirements. In all of these and other such cases we need to transfer our site. Many of us loss their ranking as well as site data while doing so. In this purpose i am here to teach you easy way to transfer your site from one Server or Hosting to Another Hosting without any issue. Bellow are the step by step Procedure to do so :) . You may also like to read How to do Proper Keyword Research for Organic SEO.

how to use phone as WiFI router in iOS/Android

Here we go :) . Today we will learn how to use Phone as wifi Router. You can use this trick for both, iOS as well as Android Mobiles. Did you know Why we need to make out cell phone a internet wifi router? Let’s suppose if you have an wifi internet connection or you may use wifi of your neighbor. What you will do if your electricity is break down or your neighbor shut down the wifi router while you must have to mail some important document to your friend or family? What you do now? Definitely you will go to net cafe or any friend house to complete your task. But after reading this trick you did not need to go anywhere. Yes, In this trick we will learn easy way to make our iOS as well as Android Cell Phones as WIFI Router :) . Bellow is the step by step guide for iOS and Android users. you may also like to read How To Recover Deleted Partition or Drive in Windows.