How to Set up WordPress Website in 5 Minutes

WordPress is the most ever used Blogging CMS (Content Management System). Almost 68% of Website on the Internet are using WordPress. It is very easy to learn and totally free CMS. Some more things which urge us to use WP are, Powerful management System, Easiness, No deep level programming skill required, 24 hours support and many more. So, in this article we will learn how to set up Wordpress site in 5 Minutes :) . Yes it is very easy to installed and configured Wordpress on your Hosting server (paid as well as Local). Many of us ting it is a difficult task to install Wordpress, But believe me it just like playing cards :) . So, now you no need to hire Web Developers in order to install the wordpress on your hosting. As i already told you it is very simple and easy, What you all need to install it, A Domain, Hosting (you can buy shared hosting too, you can also install WP on Local Host with XAMPP, WAMPP etc). If you have both, then just follow the steps written bellow and you are done :) . If you want to install and Set Up your Blog on Local Host then here is a good and informative article for you How to install WordPress on xampp windows 7, 8.

How to Calculate GPA and CGPA Manually

Now a days there are bulk of online tools which can calculate your GPA as well as CGPA. But all tools those tools are develop under their own circumstances. That’s why we can’t get exact and accurate GPA. But now, you no need to use any tool because here i will told you how to Calculate GPA and CGPA Manually without using any tool or software :) . I damn sure you like this very much, This formula is shared by two GCUF Students (Subhan Khalid, Rabia Waheed). By using this Method or Formula you can check your Future GPA as well as CGPA in seconds :) . I was noticing that many student are looking such tool or formula. If you are also looking for such method then you are at right place. you might also interested to Check out Lahore Board Matric Date Sheet 2015 (SSC 9th,10th).

Download AddMeFast Unlimited Points Generator Free

Hello Friends i hope you all are good. As we all know the intensity of using and increasing Social Signals as well as Profiles is increasing day by day. Many of us use some automates tools or bots to increase social signals like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus (for likes, shares, followers, tweets, views etc). And we all want to do it automatically instead on giving too much time to it :) . One of the most used and best application for this Purpose is AddMeFast. It is a Web Application which is used to increase social signals using points system. You must need to generate points in order to play any automation application i.e FB like, Followers, Youtube Views, Twitter Tweets etc. There are junk of codes for this purpose but all they are very slow and cause interruptions. But now you no need to take worry about it :) . Because today i will share my AddMeFast Unlimited Points Generator Software with you :) . This is Paid software with life time guarantee. You can Download this Software from this site totally free. I damn Sure you all like this product very much because “in just 20 Minutes i have generated 1000 points” :) . You can Check you the Proof from the Picture provided bellow. If you are looking for AddMeFast Working imacros Scripts then go for Addmefast Bot and working imacros Script free download.

Trick to Increase Evo Signals with TV Antenna

Now you can increase evo signals with TV Antenna – Trick to boast EVO speed and signals Hello all, Today i will share a dirty trick with you . This trick is dedicated to those friends who are asking me frequently to tell them how to increase Evo Speed as well as Signals. If you are also looking… Read More »

Zika Virus a Viral Infection – Threat, Symptoms and Prevention

Zika Virus is a deadly disease cause by a Mosquito bites. It is spreading viral to people through an infected Aedes mosquito. Zika virus (ZIKV) is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae, transmitted by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes, such as A. aegypti. Its name comes from the Zika Forest of Uganda, where the virus was first isolated in 1947.

The most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days to a week. Severe disease requiring hospitalization is uncommon.

How to Get Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Free in Pakistan

If you are a online Marketer, Blogger, Seller or Online advertiser! then this article is kinda useful for you. Many times we need to do some online transaction and there is only one transaction gateway (Paypal). And we all know very well that paypal is not supported in Pakistan due to Pakistan’s poor online banking system. That’s why we use third party or make a account on paypal by using Proxies. But now Paypal is too much smart, in order to get verified account we need to add US account or Master card. you may also use Payoneer Credit card for this purpose, But it did not always works. Now here is a new method to verify Paypal and that is use of Virtual Credit Card (VCC) :) . In this article i will teach you how to get Virtual Credit Card Free in Pakistan. By using this credit card information you can verify your Paypal as well as also can get benefit from Facebook Marketing. If you are also looking for such type of trick or method! then you no need to take worry anymore, Because you are at right place. you may also like to read How to Get Verified PayPal Account In Pakistan.