Paypal Now Supported in Pakistan – Create Account now

Today i have a great news for online marketers and specially for those people who regularly use online payment methods for their online transactions. You will surprise to know that “Paypal Now Supported in Pakistan “. Yes it is true i just have created Paypal account by selecting Pakistan in country option. It is really a very big achievement. Now we no need to use proxies and pay for paypal accounts. Now Paypal service is also available for Pakistanis. So, why are you still waiting for, go ahead and create your free account now and enjoy Paypal services. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and other people so that as many as Pakistanis can enjoy this service. If you want to get free master card for paypal verification then you must need to read how to get Virtual Credit card.

Samsung Secret Codes List 2015 – You need to know

So, as usual today i am here with some good tips. today post is totally dedicated to Samsung mobile users. if you are also using Samsung handset then you must need to know Samsung Secret Codes. These codes have specific functionality and commonly used by experts or Mobile developers. These codes help you to test and restore your Mobile internal functionality and much more. bellow is the list of all tested and useful secret codes for Samsung Mobile phones used by shopkeepers as well as experts. If you have Nokia Mobile then you might also interested to read Nokia Secret Codes List.

still you can Update Windows XP online till 2019

Few Weeks ago, after releasing windows 10 Microsoft engineers announced that they will not update windows XP anymore in future. Although there are million of users, organization and institutions still are using Windows XP but they will not get any update. read the full story Microsoft Decided to Quit Windows XP Bill Gates Confirmed. Did you know Microsoft still update XP version and those updates are only used by their pro holder (paid Subscribers). Did you know, still you can Update Windows XP online !. yes in today’s article i will share share it with you. Once you have done this job, your windows will get updates till 2019 :) . If you are also a XP user then you will surely enjoy this trick. by using this trick you can update your XP window till 2019. It is not a heavy job, what you all need to do is just make some editing in a registry file of Window and you will get update box. you might also interested to Change your Logon Background Screen in Windows 7.

How To Unlock Sim Card Without PUK Code

Many times, due to Privacy we put a PIN code on our Mobiles SIMs. What you will do? , if you forgot your PIN code. Keep in mind You have only 3 chances to enter PIN code after this limit your SIM will blocked. What you will do if you also didn’t know your Sim’s PUK code!. Don’t worry here i will teach you How To Unlock Sim Card Without Puk Code. If you have forgotten your PIN as well as PUK code and had your sim locked, don’t worry you are at right place. you need to apply just 3 steps mentioned bellow and you can unblocked your SIM again. You can also change your PIN code according to new one of your desire. This method is currently used by Sims network employees and they charge for it. but at this time it is a free gift for you :) . you might also interested to Check How Many Sim’s are registered on your CNIC.

Atif Aslam threatened by Shiv Sena extremist organization

Atif Aslam is a Prominent Singer of Pakistan. We all very well known about his milestone in the world of singing. As we all know Atif Aslam is in India as he is still in India and have scheduled his Concert on April 25 in Pune, India. Meanwhile Atif Aslam threatened by Shiv Sena (A extremist Hindu organization) to cancel his concert in Pune otherwise he have to bear unwanted results. Adesh Bandekar A Shiv Sena leader said “The Shiv Sena’s stand has been very clear, that we do not support a concert by any Pakistani artiste. The neighbor country is sending terrorists to India, blasting bombs, attacking our Parliament, then how do we welcome their artistes” . Keep in Mind Atif Aslam has already scheduled his singing concert on 25th April in Pune (a city of India).

Check who visited my Facebook profile without any App

Facebook is world largest social media platform. Billion of people are connected to each other via this communication channel. In many cases we really need to track our Profile i.e we have to check who visited my Facebook Profile recently. I know there are thousand of apps which can do this. But in this article i will share a trick which helps you to track the person who checked your FB. Unique phenomena of this trick is, you no need to use any app and no need to pay for this little job :) . I have seen many times, People are offering money for such tasks. But believe me it is very simple and easy task. you no need to waste your money on it. you can do this on your own ends in few seconds. Bellow is the full step by step instructions for this trick. you may also like to read How to delete conversation history in Facebook.