Windows was unable to complete the format – Solution

Do you want to format your USB or Memory Card but getting an error “Windows was unable to complete the format“? you no need to take worry anymore. Because here I will teach you how to fix this error without installing any third party application.

Very often you need to format your USB drive or memory card in order to store other important data. But sometimes while formatting you got an error message “Windows can’t format USB or Memory Card Drive. Check to see that disk and drive are connected properly, make sure that disk is not read-only, and then try again“. If you are facing the same issue then you no need to search for its solution anymore :).

Here I will tell you the step by step instruction to solve this error. Although there are many software available in the market to fix this issue, but I will suggest you, not to use those applications they will harm your volume as well as drives. You may also like to read about 5 Best free USB Encryption Software.

5 things to consider while selecting event for event blogging

As we all know blogging is the best way to earn huge money from the internet. But you must have to learn about blogging types i.e Niche blogging, News blogging, Event blogging etc. In this case study, You will learn about event blogging and the most important part “5 things to consider while selecting event for event blogging“. If you really want to do an event blog then this guide/case study will help you like miracle :).

The main purpose of doing event blogging is Earn huge money in no time. Yeah, it is true, by event blogging you can make thousands of dollars in just one day or few hours. What is an Event blog? Event blog is a short term blog, set-up to cover an event. For example, valentines day, New Year, Cultural event, festivals, sports etc. You can use these events for event blogging.

But it is not kinda easy as it sounds. Although event blogging is used to generate fast cash but it is too much difficult to rank event due to too many spammers as well as competitors. That’s why I decided to share a case study with you in which you can learn the major factors and some key points while selecting the event and some pro tips to rank your event blog :). Learn How to Make Money Online – 5 Ways to Earn Fast from Internet.

Seomarket the Best Marketplace for SEO Experts

Dear valuable readers, today I will share a new marketplace, especially for SEO masters, Gurus or SEO agency where you can earn huge money by selling your skills. It is Seomarketbest alternative of fiverr with more features and freedoms“. You can start making money by utilizing your SEO skills i.e link building, website audits, SEO reports, Content writing, Keyword Research and much more.

The best part which makes Seomarket better then fiverr is, sellers are able to add their own amount for their jobs. So a seller is not stuck with 5$ but can enter 8€ or € 20 for an SEO job. The maximum amount for an SEO job you may ask is 100€ and maximum 50€ for extra’s and max 300€ for custom job offers. Is not it cool!

When it comes to fee and charges, it all depend on seller level. The more high the seller level will, the more less charges or fee will apply. Most important part you will buyers and sellers are not charged by posting jobs or hiring, the charges will only be applied when the transaction actually made.

What is Tier Link Building – Importance of Tier Linking

Everyone knows that Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. There are many backlinks building techniques but one is the most favorite for any SEO expert/agency. Yeah, I am talking about Tier Link Building :).

In this article, I will told you all about Tier linking i.e. what it is, Its type, why it is best, how to use it properly to drink full juice :). Link building techniques are very easy to learn but it is very hard to get success. I will share a case study and the perfect method which will rocket boost your linking benefits.

Tiered link building is one of the most effective methods of link building at the moment. But many of us still confused how to use it properly so I decided to break it in steps and make a comprehensive case study for all. You may also like to read How to Get DoFollow Backlinks from Facebook.

Son of Former Punjab Governor Has been Recovered

News! Former Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer’s abducted son Shahbaz Taseer is recovered today from Kuchlak area of Baluchistan. Keep in mind that the son of former Punjab governor abducted by unidentified persons from the Gulberg area of Lahore in August, 2011 when he was going for office. Aitzaz Goraya, head of the Counter-Terrorism Department of Baluchistan province told AFP: “Yes, we have recovered him” :).

According to ISPR, Secret Agencies and FC raided a house in Kuchlak (outskirt area of Quetta) and rescued the Salman Taseer’s son Shahbaz Taseer. Shahbaz left his house from Cavalry Ground in his silver Mercedes Kompressor (LZT-1) for his office around 10:15am. His car was intercepted by a black SUV and motorbike around 600 yards from the office and up to three men dragged Taseer out of the car and took him away. You may also like to read Successful test of Ghauri Missile by Pakistan Army.

Geyser Timer Device to Control SNGPL Bills – GTD SNGPL

SNGPL Pakistan introduced a device “Jal Bujh” which is very useful in reducing Sui Gas bill by scheduling the geysers automatically according to the requirements. It is known as GTD (Geyser Timer Device). You can control the device with your smartphones by using a smartphone application “Jal Bujh”.

GTD automatically shut down the Geysers when the water reached to a specific heat limit. Is not it very easy! you don’t even need to go out and off the geyser.

For example, you can turn it on for a specific period of time after which it will turn to pilot mode automatically. It helps you in reducing the Sui Gas bill. Check SSGC Bill Online – Download Sui Gas Duplicate Bill.