Nilofer cyclone in Karachi will Strike with in 24 Hours

Danger High alert due to Nilofer Cyclone in Karachi today. A Storm of Arabian sea names as Nilofer is coming toward the seashore of Pakistan near Karachi. According to met office the storm intensity will increase tonight and it will strike the seashore of Karachi with in 24 Hours. They said that the Nilofer will move toward the coast of Oman with in 24 hours with the speed of 6 kilometers per hour and will push toward the coastal areas of India and Pakistan. Still it is 1170 kilometers away from Pakistan Coastal areas. Meanwhile Heavy rain in the coastal areas are expected where as the Cyclone will ends on 31 October near the Indian border of Gujarat and Sindh. you may also like to read tsunami in Karachi is expected due to Quake in Indian Ocean.

how to use phone as WiFI router in iOS/Android

Here we go :) . Today we will learn how to use Phone as wifi Router. You can use this trick for both, iOS as well as Android Mobiles. Did you know Why we need to make out cell phone a internet wifi router? Let’s suppose if you have an wifi internet connection or you may use wifi of your neighbor. What you will do if your electricity is break down or your neighbor shut down the wifi router while you must have to mail some important document to your friend or family? What you do now? Definitely you will go to net cafe or any friend house to complete your task. But after reading this trick you did not need to go anywhere. Yes, In this trick we will learn easy way to make our iOS as well as Android Cell Phones as WIFI Router :) . Bellow is the step by step guide for iOS and Android users. you may also like to read How To Recover Deleted Partition or Drive in Windows.

Easy way to Get Free recharge in Pakistan (Android Mobile)

Friends today i have a great trick for you specially those people who are using Android Mobile Phones. Today i will tell you how to get free mobile recharge on Android Mobiles. I know there are many ways to do so but now they not work. But today i have an easy way to get free recharge in Pakistan by 3 simple steps :) . Surprise! i know it and believe me, i test it and its really works. Wait wait wait! if you are in India then i have also a working trick to get free recharge in India. For this purpose you need to read How to get FREE recharge of 100 online working Trick. So, Be ready for it. We are definitely going to rock :) .

Govt Decide to Establish University in Each District

After the approval of Apna Karobar Scheme by Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Now Punjab Govt Decide to Establish University in each District of Pakistan. Now you can get higher education facility on your doors. No need to go out of city for education. Government of Pakistan approve the revolution to open one university in each District for the students. The Federal Government of Pakistan Strictly ordered to open at least one university in district with in 3 years. According to the Sources Federal Govt gave Rs. 3 billion to Higher education Commission during this year for establishing universities campuses. If you want to know something more about apna karobar scheme then you must need to read CM Approve apna karobar Youth Loan Scheme 2014.

How To Recover Deleted Partition or Drive in Windows

Friends today i have a very useful trick for you. As you all know “how to recover Deleted Partition in Windows” is always a hot issue. Sometimes we delete or format drive which have important data or files. and then we purchase some paid tool to recover old or deleted data. In this article i have a small trick for you from which you can easily recover your formatted drive as well as data :) . After reading this method you didn’t need to buy any software for this job. You can get your partition data back in all widows operating system like windows XP, 8, 7 and windows vista without any software. Yes it is dam sure possible. Bellow is the step by step guide of how to done this job. you may also like to read How to Start Your PC in Just 10 Seconds.

happy new year Movie break all records on box office

Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone movie Happy New Year earns Rs. 45 crore on opening day. It is right to said that happy new year Movie break all records on box office. Before this Amir Khan’s Film Dhoom 3 earn 35 crore on first day of opening and make record on Box office. According to Indian media reports, Farah Khan’s Happy New Year movie earn more then 45 million on the first day of its release,and has broken all previous box office records. According to the box office Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone movie Hindi Version which was released on Devali event earn Rs. 42 crore and 60 lakh where as its Tamil version make a business of 92 lakh on first day. On the other hand the movie watcher said it is medium grade good film :) . Did you know Katrina Kaif decide to get marriage. Read full story at Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor Marriage News.